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Supercharged Forms: Complex Form Processing with SecureForm and jQuery

Published: September 15th, 2014

The classical web form is very simple: Customer fills it out and hits submit; the form submits and is processed; the data is emailed to the desired recipient.  Clean, simple, and easy to implement and secure.  Even easier by plugging the form into an existing backend form processor like SecureForm.

Time passes and business requirements get more complicated.  You need your form data to be handled in increasingly varied and complex ways, automatically.

For example:

  1. You need an encrypted copy of the data to be stored in your archival system
  2. Once archived, the data needs to be re-filled into a PDF and emailed to your sales team for review
  3. It also needs to be FTP’d securely to your office server to be ingested into your your office CRM system

Another example:

  1. Your data needs to be submitted and processed as usual
  2. Instead of re-directing to a new page when the submission is complete, you need to simply alter the current page (e.g. remove the submit button and say “Thank you”)

These examples and complex variations on them can all be readily achieved without much effort by combining the swiss-army-knife features of SecureForm and jQuery.

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Alert: September 22nd is the Deadline for Getting Updated HIPAA Business Associate Agreements

Published: September 10th, 2014

HIPAA Omnibus went into effect a year ago and it introduced many new rules that require HIPAA Covered Entitles and Business Associates to enter into new/revised Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with each other; agreements that properly reference Omnibus and its requirements.

All BAAs entered into before January 25, 2013 were temporarily  grandfathered in and you have until September 22nd, 2014 to enter into a revised contract.  Agreements entered into after January 25th, 2013 must already be compliant.

This is a significant reminder and warning.  Please check the date on all of your HIPAA BAAs and make sure that they are updated

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Maximizing Delivery Speed and Reliability for Large Scale Email Marketing

Published: September 8th, 2014

You need to send millions of messages to your large opt-in mailing list over the upcoming holiday season.  You need these messages to go out pretty quickly and to not get blocked by your recipient ISPs so that the maximum number of your (potential) customers get your marketing messages and thus you can maximize your conversion rates on these messages.

This is a common scenario that we see, often from customers who have been using another provider that is excessively expensive, where delivery is sluggish, and/or where their messages are getting blacklisted or grey listed by their recipient’s systems.

Here we will share with you our standard prescription for solving this delivery dilemma once and for all.  There are multiple important factors involved, each of which will contribute to your success.

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Reliability: How to choose a DNS Service that Shrugs off a Denial of Service Attack

Published: September 2nd, 2014

DNS is a cornerstone of the Internet.  It is the “phonebook” that translates all those domain names, like “” and “” into the addresses of the actual computers that you need to talk to (more details).  Unfortunately, if there is an issue with the DNS for your company’s domain name, then your web site can go offline, your email can stop flowing or bounce, and other bad things can happen.

In addition to having a rock solid email and web hosting service, the reliability of your corporate email and web site depends on your DNS service being always available.  However, for this very reason, attacks on DNS services by hackers are more and more common … we see them or hear about them at least once every few months these days.  How do you prevent these attacks on DNS from crippling your business services?

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Interview with Security Compliance Associates for HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Published: August 27th, 2014

Yearly HIPAA Security Reviews are critical to meeting compliance requirements of all organizations under the HIPAA umbrella, either directly or via being a Business Associate.  We have found that many organizations, especially the smaller ones, do not place much emphasis on these reviews, skip them, ignore them, or hope that they go away.  They treat them as a necessary “check mark” rather than an active process that is instrumental to maintaining security and preventing the breaches that been cropping up all over the news.

Solid Security Reviews improve your company’s inherent security posture and awareness and the security of all services you employ through all vendors … including your secure email and secure forms.  I.e. the security of your outsourced services can be compromised if your own systems are compromised.

As such, LuxSci proactively recommends all HIPAA customers and all customers with similar needs, to undergo yearly security reviews.  One excellent organization that performs these is Security Compliance Associates.

Today we are interviewing Randy Homa, Senior Vice President and Director of Health Care Services, at Security Compliance Associates (SCA). He will address many of the questions we have had posed with respect to HIPAA Security Reviews.

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5 Things Everyone with HIPAA Email Should be Doing

Published: August 25th, 2014

Ok — So you have “HIPAA Compliant Email” because you just signed up with a company that says they handle that.  One thing checked off of your “to do” list and on to the next.

Well, not so fast.

HIPAA is a complex beast, as you are probably already aware.  Just signing up for a service that claims to be HIPAA compliant does not mean that you are done.  You may need to:

  1. Learn nuances of what you can and can’t do in order to remain compliant
  2. Train yourself and your staff on these nuances
  3. Make sure that you have purchased all of the things needed by your organization for your particular compliance goals
  4. Ensure that you have set things up properly with your systems and at your new vendor

Here are some of the top things that everyone who has HIPAA-compliant email really should be doing:

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7 Common Misconceptions about DKIM in the Fight Against SPAM

Published: August 18th, 2014

The popularity and prevalence of DKIM in the fight against SPAM is growing such that as of August, 2014, 47% of the most popular domains in the USA are DKIM-enabled (reference); globally, that number is 38%.  The trend is steadily upward and we expect DKIM use to be pervasive within a few more years.

DKIM, Domain Keys Identified Mail, is still a magic techno-jargon black box to most people. It’s “something” you gotta “add to DNS” to help stop SPAM or make your email “appear more legitimate”.  Beyond that (and even what DNS actually is) … many people are stumbling to know what is going on.

Here are 7 misconceptions about DKIM that we have seen, and the explanations that can steer you back on  track:

1. DKIM stops SPAM

Many folks believe that enabling DKIM for their domain and DKIM filtering for their inbound email will stop SPAM from reaching them.  Certainly using DKIM filtering on your inbound email will cut down on SPAM and using DKIM for messages sent by you can help others verify your email is legitimate; however, it does not actually stop spam.  In fact, it can make some SPAM look more legitimate.

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10 Steps to make your email more secure

Published: August 11th, 2014

Your email is the doorway into your life.  For most people, it interfaces with almost everything that you do.  Even the passwords to the myriad of web sites that you use for everything from meet ups to banking can often be reset via access to your email.  The integrity, privacy, and security of email is high on the minds of everyone these days, even folks who historically had little or no insight into how anything works, technically, and didn’t really want to know.  Everyone is wary.

There is good reason for this as data breaches and password theft is happening every day, is in pop culture (last comic standing), in the news left and right … such as the purported case of 1.2 billion passwords being stolen recently.

What steps can you take to bolster the security of your email?

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Should I use an external hard drive or a cloud backup service?

Published: August 7th, 2014

A dilemma faced by so many individuals and small businesses … is copying my data to an external hard drive good enough, or do I need to pay for some cloud-based backup service?  Maybe I should do both?

The good news is that you are asking the question!  Make sure your data is backed up …. hoping things will “just work” is wishful thinking and will bite you some day.

What are you backing up?

Cloud backup services and external hard drives only backup the information actually stored on your computer(s).  They do not backup information stored elsewhere (e.g. email you have have stored at your email service provider) … you should also make sure important externally stored information is also being backed up.

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Automatic Promotional Discounts for New LuxSci Accounts

Published: August 5th, 2014

New customers are now eligible for automatic promotional specials that will save them from $10 to $300 on their orders.  These promotions are applied automatically to all eligible new orders:

  • No special offer code is needed
  • No need to actually be aware of what specials are available ahead of time
  • Only one promotion can be used with each order; the most valuable one that applies to what you are ordering is automatically granted.

The new promotions are one-time credits towards specific services.  Currently, these include:

Value Promotion New Orders that Include:
$10 Free Domain Registration 5+ email licenses
$50 Free Email Migration 1-49 users 10+ email licenses
$100 Free HIPAA Setup Fee 10+ email licenses
$100 Free Dedicated Server Setup Fee Email Marketing Px2/Px4/Px8 Server
$100 Free Dedicated Basic Server Setup Fee Email/Web/HIPAA Dedicated Server
$149 Free SSL 123 Certificate Premium Private Labeling or SecureForm 25+ Tier
$150 Free Email Migration 50-149 users 50+ email licenses
$150 50% Dedicated Premium Server Setup Fee Email/Web/HIPAA Dedicated Px1/Px2 Server
$250 Free Email Migration 150+ users 150+ email licenses
$300 Free Dedicated Premium Server Setup Fee Email/Web/HIPAA Dedicated Px4/Px8 Server

E.g. Any new customer with 5 or more users can get domain registration free for the first year (a $10 value). If you have 10 or more users and are ordering HIPAA-compliant services, we will instead waive your $100 HIPAA setup fee. If you have 10 or more users, Email Migration can be free.

What about existing customers?

These promotions are targeted towards new accounts.  However, any existing customer that wants to upgrade (e.g. by adding new users or by upgrading to a new dedicated server) can also receive a respective promotional credit along with that upgrade — simply contact sales to apply for the special promotional upgrade credit.

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• Access Anywhere
• Fast and Robust
• Super Secure
• Tons of Features
• Customizable
• Mobile Friendly

Send and receive email from your favorite programs, including:

 Microsoft Outlook
 Mozilla Thunderbird
 Apple Mail
 Windows Mail

... Virtually any program that supports POP, IMAP, or SMTP

Keep your email, contacts, and calendars in sync:

 Apple iPhone and iPad
 Android Devices
 Windows Phone

... Any device with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support

Relay your server's mail through LuxSci via smarthost:

• Resolve issues with ISP sending limits and restrictions
• Improve deliverability with better IP reputation and IP masking
• Take advantage of Email Archival and HIPAA Compliance
• Even setup smarthosting from Google Apps!

Free web site hosting with any email account:

• Start with up to 10 web sites and MySQL databases
• DNS services for one domain included
• Tons of features and fully HIPAA capable

LuxSci's focus on security and privacy:

• Read The Case for Email Security
• Read Mitigating Security & Privacy Threats
• Review our Privacy Policy

The most accurate, flexible, and trusted filters in the business:

• Premium protection with Intel Security Saas
• Realtime virus database guards against the latest threats
• Seven-day quarantine lets you put eyes on every filtered email
• Supplement with our Basic Spam Filter for even more features

End-to-end secure email encryption — to anyone, from anyone:

• No setup required — encryption is automatic and easy to use
• Secure outbound email with TLS, PGP, S/MIME, or Escrow
• Free inbound encryption via our SecureSend portal
• Independent of your recipient's level of email security
• Widely compatible and fully HIPAA Compliant

Add an extra layer of security with an SSL Certificate:

• Secure your web site
• Debrand LuxSci WebMail with your own secure domain
• Access secure email services via your own secure domain

Encrypt your service traffic via secure tunnel:

• Add another layer of security to your SSL connections
• WebMail, POP, IMAP, SMTP, web/database access
• SecureForm posts, SecureLine Escrow, SecureSend access
• Restrict your account to VPN access only

Secure long-term message archival:

• Immutable, tamperproof email retention with audit trails
• No system requirements — minimal setup, even less upkeep
• Realtime archival of all inbound and outbound messages
• Works anywhere — even with non-LuxSci email hosting

Free data backups included with all email hosting accounts:

• Automatic backups of all email, WebAides, web/database data
• Seven daily backups and up to four weekly backups
• Unlimited restores included at no additional cost
• Custom backup schedules for dedicated servers

Automate your email management:

• Save messages to specific folders or to LuxSci WebAides
• Advanced text scanning with regular expressions
• Tag messages, alter subject lines, or add custom headers
• Filter by message charset, type, TLS status, DKIM status
• Chain filters together for even more complex actions

• Bulk add and edit users, aliases and more
• Control sharing and access globally or on a granular level
• Delegate user roles through permissions
• Configure account-wide taglines, sending restrictions, and more
• Remotely administer account via SOAP API

Share, collaborate, organize, synchronize:

• Calendars, Contacts, Documents, Notes, Widgets, Workspaces
• Fine-grained access control and security
• Access anywhere via secure web portal or smartphone
• Save over solutions like Microsoft Exchange

Free folder sharing for all email hosting accounts:

• Share mail folders with other users in your account
• Subscribe to only the folders you want to see
• Set read-only or read-write access control
• View all personal and shared folders via unified web interface

Color code and label your email messages:

• Define and assign multiple IMAP keywords to each message
• Filter, search, and sort by tags
• Compatible and synchronizes with any IMAP email client
• Also usable with WebAide entries