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WebAides are LuxSci's free online information storage and collaboration tool suite. Every email hosting user gets full access to our complete WebAides suite.

Click on the WebAide types below to learn more.

  WebAide Types  

Address Books

Shared address books, global address books.


Global and personal calendars. Reminders, recurrence, and more


Custom task and to-do lists.


Encryptable, Sharable, Publishable Blogs


File Storage: Encryptable, Sharable, Web-based

Password Storage

Encrypted, Sharable, Auditable Password Storage.


Online sharable note cards


Sharable web address/bookmark management

User Groups

Group Access Control, Encryption, and Mailing Lists

General Features

The following features are available in most/all types of WebAides. Click in a WebAide type, above, for more specific features.

Feature Included

Synchronization with Mobile Devices (with Mobile Sync license)

Synchronization with Outlook 2003+

Slick AJAX Web 2.0 Interface

Our WebAide user interface is fully integrated with WebMail and takes advantage of modern web browser features (like AJAX and browser-based storage) for ease of use and a powerful feature set. Some user interface features include: remembering entry data for fast display, dragging and dropping of entries, instant searching and sorting, fast entry creation, entry tagging and color coding, selecting multiple entries or multiple WebAides using the mouse, and selecting, re-sizing, and re-arranging list columns using the mouse.

Watching: Alerts about adds and edits

Optionally "Watch" any WebAide and receive emailed alerts when someone (other than you) adds or edits an entry in that WebAide. E.g. uploads a new file, posts a Blog, edits a calendar entry, etc.

Backups & Restores

LuxSci performs automated backups of all WebAides and keeps daily copies of these backups for 7 days and weekly copies for 4 weeks. LuxSci support can restore the content of any of your WebAides at any time from these backups. Additionally, users can manually make their own backups of any of their WebAides for offline storage or archival. These backup files can be later restored by the user (or any user with access to it) any time that data is needed.

See also:

Users with access to multiple WebAides of the same type, i.e. multiple calendars, can view all entries for any arbitrary combination of these WebAides in a single "consolidated" view. This makes it easy to search and sort across WebAides, print combined lists, and view data from different sources in the same list.

Access Control & Privacy

Only people with a login to LuxSci's web site can possibly access your WebAide (it is not public, unless you explicitly "publish" its content via a public link). You can specify exactly who has permission to view, add entries, edit entries, make comments, and administer your WebAide. You can specify this on a per user, per user group, and/or per account basis. You can share your WebAide with other members of your account and/or members of other accounts -- you decide.

In addition to our access controls which allow you to specify exactly who can see your information, LuxSci has a very strict privacy policy - our technical support staff will never access your WebAide data without your prior consent.

Access Any Type of WebAide Shared With You

Global (Account-Wide or Domain-Wide) Sharing

Users can easily share WebAides with everyone in their domain or account. Access permissions such as read, edit, create, delete, and comment can be granted or denied. Administrators can auto-subscribe their users to WebAides.

Fine-Grained (Per-user or Per-Group) Sharing

share your Webaides with specific users or User Groups. Specify access permissions such as read, edit, create, delete, and comment on a per-user or per-group basis. Complex sharing arrangements can be easily set up with arbitrary access permissions for different groups and users.

Own a Personal Calendar and Address Book

Own Multiple Calendars or Address Books

Unlicensed users get a single personal address book and calendar and can access any WebAides shared with them by other users. However, only licensed users can create additional address books, calendars, and other types of WebAides. Licensed-users can create any number of WebAides of each type; every WebAide instance is independent and has its own sharing properties and entries.
Starts under $10/mo
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"I would like to commend LuxSci on its hosting services. I have tried many other lower cost shared hosting plans but yours definitely outshines theirs in features, and more importantly, operates flawlessly each and every time!"

—Richard Pressinger, President, ReadingKEY

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