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Standard Web Hosting Features


2000 GB/month of bandwidth included

This is more bandwidth than you will ever need without going dedicated.

SecureForm: Secure web site form to secure email feature (add on option)

Test Before Going Live

Use our "temporary domain name" feature to view and test your web site before making it live or before switching from your old provider.

Hosting Multiple Web Sites in One Account

LuxSci allows you to have any number of web sites and domains associated with your account; 10 web sites are included with your basic package. Web site access statistics are calculated separately for each domain.

Virtual Directory Web Sites

The least expensive way to setup multiple web sites is to use a "virtual directory". Instead of purchasing multiple domain names for separate users, you use your domain name,, together with a "site name" of your choosing. For example, your web site address could be "". You can have multiple web sites as virtual directories; see multiple web site hosting. This method is least expensive because you don't have to purchase multiple domain names and you don't have to pay for DNS services for them.

If you do have your own domain name, you can take advantage of virtual directory web hosting to give out separate web sites in your domain to your individual users. They will have full control over the contents of your web site within their virtual directory.

Scripting Languages: Perl, PHP v5.4, Python

MySQL v5.5 Databases: includes database management tools.

  • 10 MySQL databases included with all web hosting accounts; additional ones easily added.
  • Remote SSL access to MySQL (using Stunnel) which can be enforced (i.e. so insecure connections would be forbidden).
  • Web-based SQL command execution and querying tools (with saved commands, download of results in CSV, etc.)
  • Web-based tools for import and export of "mysqldumps" (i.e. batch SQL statement scripts).

FTP Access: Access your files 24/7 using FTP.

SCP and SFTP Access

  • Accounts can be configured so that FTP access is disabled, but SFTP is allowed.

Web-based File Manager: Secure, web-based alternative to FTP.

  • Users can: view file lists, create directories, upload, download, delete, rename, change permissions, change ownership of files and directories
  • Permits automatic uncompressing zip and other archives "on upload".
  • Permits account administrators access user file spaces for file upload/download and management, without needing to know their passwords.
  • Bulk file uploads and downloads, drag and drop uploads and downloads.

WebDAV: Access-controlled shared files and calendars on your web site.

Password-Protected Directories - Easy management user interface

Easy-to-use interface for password protecting web site directories. Create users and user groups; assign read-only and/or read-write access to any directory. No need to manage .htaccess or .htpasswd files manually.

Web Site Access Reports

"Webalizer" reports for your web sites, updated daily.

Access to raw web site access and error logs

Secure web sites over SSL

Separate directories for secure and insecure site content

Apache 2 servers

Apache mod_rewrite

Server-side includes

SuEXEC for the security of CGI scripts (i.e. CGI scripts can run as you instead as the web server user).

Custom Error Documents

Full .htaccess support

CGI scripts in any directory

Real cgi-bin directory

Mirror websites across multiple domain names

Configurable web site redirection

Starts under $15/mo

"Again you have made things easier, and I cannot begin to tell you and your colleagues that LuxSci has far and away the best tech support/customer service I have ever encountered."

Dr. Mark Zitlin

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