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High Availability and Zero Latency Message Delivery

Premium Email Filtering will not slow the speed of delivery of your email in any way. Leveraging redundant, load-balanced server architecture, Premium Email Filtering provides carrier-class availability of filtering and delivery components. Sub-second processing provides for almost no delay as messages are "proxy-streamed" to their ultimate destinations.

Recipient Shield

Premium Email Filtering also allows administrators to add recipients to a Deny list, where incoming mail sent to specific email addresses (such as the address of a former employee) is denied, accepted and bounced, or accepted and discarded. These actions can be set to vary by whether the email address is found on the Deny list or is merely invalid in your domain.

Email Quarantine Features

Premium Email Filtering consistently achieves industry-leading low false positive rates using "intelligent," customizable spam filtering technology. Simply blocking or allowing email according to default rules isn't an effective method for optimizing filtering. With easy and personalized conditioning, Premium Email Filtering offers superior protection against Spam and false positives.

Setting Rules Around Legitimate Messages

Allowing end-user control, where employees are allowed to "condition" their own quarantine, helps reduce the amount of time IT managers spend dealing with spam, and also further ensures that the correct messages are quarantined.

Sophisticated End-User Conditioning

If you opt for end-user management your employees will be sent a periodic Quarantine Report. Employees then review the messages identified as Spam to further define the quarantine rules by deleting, forwarding, always allowing, or always denying the messages.

Quarantine Reports

Protected users can get regular reports of messages that have been quarantined due to their anti-Spam, anti-Virus, or content filtering policies. Users can easily delete or release messages from the quarantine, as well as update their Allow and Deny lists, right from their email clients. Reports are also available or at any time through the Premium Email Filtering portal.

Premium Filtering Portal

Premium Email Filtering users and account administrators will be provided with access to the Premium Email Filtering portal where they can configure their email and virus filtering policies, view detailed reports, and see their quarantined messages.

Premium Email Filtering's customizable and easy-to-use Control Console is a centralized management platform that provides you with one interface for managing all corporate-wide email threats, protection and security. With the Control Console you can:

  • Obtain cross-browser support for both Internet Explorer and FireFox.
  • Establish numerous policies that instruct the Premium Email Filtering Service on how to handle viruses, spam, unwanted attachments, unwanted content and unwanted HTML in messages intended for recipients on your network.
  • Reduce the IT department spam-management burden by determining whether the quarantine process for spam and unwanted email will be managed by your IT department, your end users, or both.
  • Create customized message rules lists, including "Allow" and "Deny" lists (for message senders), as well as an "Exempt Users" list (for users and recipients). Virus and spam filter emails by content, attachment type, and more.
  • Customize policy control and enforcement to be able to implement and enforce email policy for your entire organization--whether your organization has one office or multiple offices located around the world.
  • Reduce corporate liability and risk by only allowing safe emails into your network.

The Filtering (and Archival) portal can also be Co-Branded or Re-Branded for a fee. This allows:

  • Co-Brand: Use of your own Logo
  • Co-Brand: Use a customized secure URL for access (i.e. )
  • Re-Brand: Same as Co-Brand plus eliminate the "Powered by LuxSci" image at the top of the portal.

Protection for non-LuxSci Accounts

Simply put, Premium Email Filtering is among the best in email filtering technology. Even if you do not have a LuxSci-hosted account, purchasing Premium Email Filtering through LuxSci is a breeze.

How does this work?

Even if a company other than LuxSci provides your email hosting services, you can still order Premium Email Filtering from LuxSci and use it to filter your email. Service provisioning and implementation requires no data migration or integration. You would simply point your Mail Exchange (MX) records located within their DNS infrastructure to our Premium Email Filtering servers. Recipient auto-discovery technology provides for a seamless method of managing end-user filtering data and policies with no additional integration. You can use Premium Email Filtering with no change to your existing email infrastructure or practices!

Starts under $10/mo

"The servers are super fast, the WebMail responds quickly, and everything is secure - I couldn't be happier."

—Tom W.

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