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WebAide Calendars

  • can synchronize with Mobile Devices using Mobile Sync
  • are modeled after Outlook and iPhone and can contain detailed event information
  • synchronize with mobile devices
  • include an Outlook synchronization plug-in.
  • are designed to synchronize with programs, like Outlook and Sunbird that support import and export of calendars via CSV and iCal files.

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Selected Features

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Calendar Widgets

Users can use customizable calendar Widgets to display and interact with simplified views of their calendars on their Workspaces.

Import & Export

Import or export your calendars using CSV or iCal (.ics) files. Our Import Wizard makes it easy to import from any source that can produce data stored in these supported formats.

Access Calendar via Public iCal URL (read only)

Users can publish any WebAide Calendar as a "Public iCal File". This allows anyone or any program that has Internet access to download [read only] your full calendar data (including reminders and recurrence) using this special URL. This "public" access to your calendar data is optional and off by default. If enabled, it can be password-protected, accessed over SSL, and access can be restricted by IP.

Reminders (Email, SMS, Visual Pop-up, Multiple)

Calendars and Tasks support the setting of multiple reminders on each entry.

Reminders feature:

  • Email a notice to an arbitrary list of email addresses
  • Send a text/SMS message to a cellular device
  • Make pop-up/visual reminders visible in the LuxSci web interface.
  • Create task reminders that keep reminding you every so often until the task is actually marked complete.
  • Remind at a specific date and time, or remind a certain amount of time before an event takes place or is due
  • Send reminders to all subscribers to a calendar or task
  • Send reminders to all assignees of a calendar or task item
  • Visual reminders dialog box supports: view/edit entry, mark task as complete, add comment to entry, dismiss reminder, dismiss all reminders, and snooze reminder.

Using combinations these various reminders, you can be sure that the right people get reminded at the right time(s) in ways that are best to help them get things done one time.

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Calendars support extensive daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence patterns. Users can also edit and delete individual events in a recurrence pattern.

Email Events as iCal Attachments (i.e. meeting notices)

Event Notes

Store arbitrary HTML-formatted notes about your entries using the "Notes" field. A visual editor for entering and editing the comments is included.

API Access

Access calendar information via our User API. This allows you to write custom programs that import, export, and synchronize calendar data with your LuxSci WebAide Calendars.

Inbound Email: Auto-Add Events to Calendars

Create custom email filters to automatically save calendar/event attachments of inbound email messages (i.e. meeting requests or invitations) to Calendars or your choice. Have these events and meetings auto-added to your calendars without any action on your part.


Assign events to specific users and/or Groups of users, or create private events that only you can see. Optionally, have notifications auto-emailed to users when events are assigned to them.

File Attachements

You can attach any number of files of up to 50MB each to your Calendar entries.

Comment on Events

You can provide HTML-formatted annotations and comments along with each event. Each event can have any number of comments created by any number of permitted users. These comments can also contain file attachments.
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