Zero tolerance policy for sending of Spam and Unsolicited Commercial Email

The High Volume Acceptable Use Policy is very explicit about what you can and cannot do with the Basic High Volume service. Highlights include:

From Addresses

  1. A user can only send using approved "From" and "Reply-To" addresses. These must be valid email addresses, approved by LuxSci Support. Sending "From" any address in a domain also requires pre-approval and validation that you have control over the domain in question.
  2. A "From" address cannot be that of any email service provider (free or not). I.e. no sending bulk messages from "AOL", "Gmail", "Hotmail", "Yahoo!", your college email address, etc. In general, you should only send from a valid address in a domain that you own.

Abuse Tracking

Headers are added to each message sent so that it can be traced back to the sender should there be any abuse complaints. Headers also include information to notify recipients to contact LuxSci to report abuse.

Message Content

  1. LuxSci Support reserves the right to inspect (in a way compliant with our privacy policy) any message sent through the High Volume messaging service to ensure that every message meets our terms of service.
  2. All messages must indicate in the body of the email why the recipient is getting the message and provide a viable means by which the recipient can opt out of future mailings.

Other Restrictions

  1. The sender must promptly comply with any and all opt-out requests.
  2. Spam, Unsolicited Commercial Email, email sent to purchased email lists, any bulk mailing to anyone not explicitly expecting your messages are not permitted.
  3. The terms of service are strict; abuse will not be tolerated. Service may be suspended without notice if any complaints are received and until the issue can be resolved.

Prohibited Content and Industries

High Volume services may not be used for the sending of email:

  1. Offering to sell illegal goods or services
  2. That violates the CAN-SPAM Laws
  3. That is marketing or commercial email being sent to recipients without their permission
  4. That contains pornography or other sexually explicit material

Furthermore, High Volume services are not to be used for the sending of email for any of the following industries:

  1. Work from Home, Make Money Online, and Lead Generation opportunities
  2. Multi-level and Affiliate marketing
  3. Get Out of Debt and Credit Repair opportunities
  4. Gambling products or services
  5. Adult References or Adult Novelty Items
  6. Escort services or Dating services (excluding legitimate Dating sites)
  7. Loans or Mortgages
  8. Offers to buy pharmaceutical products (unless you are directly employed by a major pharmaceutical company)
  9. Stock Market content, Day Trading Tips, and other Online Trading content
  10. List Rental services and List Brokers
  11. Vitamin, Herbal, and Nutritional supplements (unless you are employed directly by a major company producing these products)

Customers wishing to send this type of content should consider setting up their own mail servers, as most legitimate email marketing companies will not be able to help you.

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