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Basic or Premium?

LuxSci's High Volume Email Sending Service provides two service options, Basic and Premium. Basic is LuxSci's stand alone High Volume SMTP email option. Premium Email Sending services are only available to customers who also have LuxSci's email hosting services. Both options have the same set of capabilities and reporting options that you need to send your emails and to track their status. The Premium High Volume service provides more extensive security options, such as HIPAA Compliance, outbound email encryption, email archival, and additional administrative features and controls.


LuxSci's High Volume Email Service provides a robust set of features to maximize prompt delivery of your emails.

Feature Basic Premium

Use Your Own From Addresses

You can only send messages from an email address in a domain that you own. Addresses from "free email services (e.g., hotmail)" are prohibited.

  • Basic Service users can send from multiple "from addresses" or domains that have been approved by LuxSci Support.
  • Premium Service users can send from any email address in a domain that they own or manage, the approval step is not required.

Reverse DNS (rDNS) records

Reverse DNS records point the IP address of your email server to the server's domain name. This information reduces the risk of the receiving server viewing the email as spam.

Alternate SMTP Ports

Alternate ports for SMTP access: 80, 465, 587, 2025, 6025, and 6465. If firewalls or ISPs attempt to block your messages, sending your email via these alternate ports helps ensure that your messages are delivered.

DKIM - Sign outbound messages

DKIM allows receiving email servers to feel more confident that the email originated from the listed domain, increasing the deliverability of your message.


SPF and Sender ID authentication information is used by receiving email servers that are checking for spam. The existence of this information reduces the chance that your email is blocked.

Anonymous SMTP - IP Masking

Anonymous SMTP hides the IP address of the computer or server that is sending the message. This feature increases deliverability when you are sending from an ISP or location that is blocked or has a poor reputation.

IP Monitoring

LuxSci checks its server IP addresses to make sure that they are not on blacklist databases and to immediately alert us of any blacklisting issues so that they can be immediately addressed.

Graylist and blacklist resolution

LuxSci works to resolve problems that may have resulted in your IP being gray or blacklisted.


LuxSci's reports enable you to detect delivery successes, failures, and SPAM complaints so that you can easily manage your mailing list and resolve unexpected problems.

Feature Basic Premium

Messages Sent

This online or emailed report lists successfully sent messages. It can be downloaded, sorted, and searched

Tracking and Deliverability

This online or emailed report lists the delivery status of every message sent to every recipient. It can be downloaded, sorted, and searched. For messages that were not successfully delivered, the delivery issue is listed. Summary reports are available on a daily and monthly basis.

Email Delivery Status Digests

This emailed report lists all email delivery status updates for all messages sent to a specified email address or list. It is useful for automating processes and for automatically informing you of issues. It is delivered to you automatically on a frequency that you select (e.g., weekly). The report is sent to your email in HTML and also includes an Excel file for easy analysis.

Email Delivery Failure Reports

This report lists all email delivery failures and includes the reason why the delivery failed. The report is sent to your email in HTML and also includes an Excel file for easy analysis. It can be used, for example, to discover misspelled addresses and to remove non-working addresses.

Feedback Loops (SPAM notifications) with Major ISPs

LuxSci works with major ISPs to quickly detect spamming and other issues and to help keep our servers off black lists. LuxSci users can see SPAM complaints by logging into the system. Users can also have their SPAM complaints automatically sent to their email. Complaining recipients can then be easily removed from their mailing lists.

API: Access these reports via our secure API

  • Messages sent
  • Delivery status
  • Feed back loop notices
  • SMTP login failures and message sending rejections

    VERP - Variable Envelope Return Path

    [Optional] Automatic Return Path customization so bounce messages directly indicate the addresses that failed.


    LuxSci provides a base level of sending security by using SMTP username and password authentication. Additional security features can be implemented as needed.

    Feature Basic Premium

    SMTP username & password authentication

    SSL and TLS connections to SMTP

    LuxSci provides the following protocols for sending your emails: insecure SMTP, SMTP over TLS, or SMTP over SSL. Optionally, configure your account to require the use of SSL or TLS.

    TLS delivery to TLS capable mail servers

    LuxSci automatically uses TLS to deliver email securely to any recipient email server that supports SMTP TLS.

    Encrypted message delivery to any recipient

    Premium High Volume allows you to send secure, encrypted, messages to every recipient, no matter what email provider the recipient uses.

    HIPAA Compliance Option

    Premium High Volume can be used when sending sensitive email messages and ePHI, so that your email sending can be HIPAA-compliant.

    Recipient Restrictions

    Use allow and deny lists to control to whom or to what domains messages can be sent. Send copies of all outbound email messages to an email address of your choice.

    Email Capturing

    Direct copies of all sent messages to another email address of your choice.

    Outbound Email Encryption

    Send bulk encrypted email to anyone with an email address using SecureLine.

    Email Content Monitoring

    Scan all outbound email for specific content (keywords, phrases, or regular expressions). Matching messages can be denied, sent to an auditor, or auto-encrypted using SecureLine.

    Message Options

    LuxSci provides the flexibility you need to create and send custom emails.

    Feature Basic Premium

    Up to 200 MB total encoded message size

    A limit of 200 MB in encoded message size allows you to send emails with sizable attachments.

    Up to 1,000 recipients per message

    Choose the number of recipients from a single individual up to 1000.

    Up to 25 Concurrent connections in bursts; 10 sustained

    Up to 25 concurrent connections (per user or IP) lets you send many emails at once; this option is particularly important for transactional emails. Up to 10 sustained connections enables you to send at a consistent rate for a long period of time; this option is extremely useful for sending an email blast to a large subscriber list.

    Any format (HTML, plain-text, multi-part, attachments)

    This option helps ensure that your email can be seen by all recipients, no matter what kind of email viewing program they use.

    Auto-add Taglines/Disclaimers

    Save time by having the software automatically add taglines/disclaimers to your outgoing email in either plain text or HTML format.


    Administrative options allow you to allocate resources effectively and track usage. Premium High Volume users can take advantage of the many email hosting options.

    Feature Basic Premium

    Private Labeling Available

    Private labeling is an additional service offered to high volume customers. Private labelling enables your customer to see only references to your company, not LuxSci, on your user interface and sent emails.

    Account-wide monthly recipient limit

    For each account, choose the monthly recipient limit. A recipient is one email sent to one person.

    Configure optional per-user recipient and/or bandwidth limits

    Allocate your resources effectively by establishing user-specific recipient and/or bandwidth limits.

    Use your own email addresses for authentication

    This option allows you to use a familiar username or a branded username for login.

    Usage notices sent automatically at customizeable

    Track your SMTP usage with reports that are automatically sent to the sender or account administrator when usage reaches a specified limit.

    Easy and instant recipient volume upgrades

    As your email usage expands, LuxSci supports this growth with the upgrades you need.

    Receive & Check Inbound Email

    Get a fully-functional email hosting account with 15 GB+ of space, SecureLine, IMAP, POP, and WebMail access to your inbound email. This is very useful if you need to process replies and bounces, or need to managed secure replies to encrypted outbound email messages.


    WebMail access for sending and receiving email messages. Includes an WebAides collaboration tools.

    WebAides: Address books, calendars, tasks, file storage, etc.

    Inbound email filtering

    Upgrade/Add Related Services

    Depending on what you need, this kind of account can be upgraded to add such things as Premium inbound email spam and virus filtering, inbound and outbound email archival, domain registration and DNS services, more disk space, private labeling, web hosting and more.

    Dedicated Servers

    Available for extremely high volume delivery to isolate your sending from everyone else's.

    Dedicated Servers

    Dedicated servers are available for customers with extremely high volume delivery. Your sending is not impacted by anyone else's sending requirements.

    Feature Basic Premium

    Dedicated IP Address

    SLA (Service Level Agreement) includes 100% network and infrastructure guarantee

    Separation from other customers ensures you aren't affected by
    their usage patterns or reputation

    Branded Email Headers [Optional]

    Dedicated server customers can choose to have the headers of all outbound messages "branded" with their domain name and organization and with all references to LuxSci and "High Volume" removed:

    • Hostname: the server hostname that appears in the mail headers will be your server name (e.g.. "" instead of ours (e.g. "")
    • Reverse DNS: Anyone looking up the hostname of your server from its IP address will get your custom hostname back, and not a LuxSci server name.
    • Abuse Email: Include your own "Abuse Reporting" email address in the headers instead of ours (though the emails will still be routed to us).
    • Powered by: Include your own "Powered by" header line in place of our "LuxSci High Volume" header line.
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    "We use your High Volume SMTP service for our automated invoicing and purchase confirmations, so it is a critical part of our business. Your bulk SMTP has been the most reliable and cost effective I have used. The technical and sales support have been timely, efficient, and effective. I highly recommend."

    —Leonard S Rann, Tradavo

    TRUSTe Privacy Certification Refund Policy Thawte Extended Validation SSL Certificate
    McAfee Secure TRUSTe Privacy Certification Thawte Extended Validation SSL Certificate Refund Policy
    • Access Anywhere
    • Fast and Robust
    • Super Secure
    • Tons of Features
    • Customizable
    • Mobile Friendly

    Send and receive email from your favorite programs, including:

     Microsoft Outlook
     Mozilla Thunderbird
     Apple Mail
     Windows Mail

    ... Virtually any program that supports POP, IMAP, or SMTP

    Keep your email, contacts, and calendars in sync:

     Apple iPhone and iPad
     Android Devices
     Windows Phone

    ... Any device with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support

    Relay your server's mail through LuxSci via smarthost:

    • Resolve issues with ISP sending limits and restrictions
    • Improve deliverability with better IP reputation and IP masking
    • Take advantage of Email Archival and HIPAA Compliance
    • Even setup smarthosting from Google Apps!

    Free web site hosting with any email account:

    • Start with up to 10 web sites and MySQL databases
    • DNS services for one domain included
    • Tons of features and fully HIPAA capable

    LuxSci's focus on security and privacy:

    • Read The Case for Email Security
    • Read Mitigating Security & Privacy Threats
    • Review our Privacy Policy

    The most accurate, flexible, and trusted filters in the business:

    • Premium protection with Intel Security Saas
    • Realtime virus database guards against the latest threats
    • Seven-day quarantine lets you put eyes on every filtered email
    • Supplement with our Basic Spam Filter for even more features

    End-to-end secure email encryption — to anyone, from anyone:

    • No setup required — encryption is automatic and easy to use
    • Secure outbound email with TLS, PGP, S/MIME, or Escrow
    • Free inbound encryption via our SecureSend portal
    • Independent of your recipient's level of email security
    • Widely compatible and fully HIPAA Compliant

    Add an extra layer of security with an SSL Certificate:

    • Secure your web site
    • Debrand LuxSci WebMail with your own secure domain
    • Access secure email services via your own secure domain

    Encrypt your service traffic via secure tunnel:

    • Add another layer of security to your SSL connections
    • WebMail, POP, IMAP, SMTP, web/database access
    • SecureForm posts, SecureLine Escrow, SecureSend access
    • Restrict your account to VPN access only

    Secure long-term message archival:

    • Immutable, tamperproof email retention with audit trails
    • No system requirements — minimal setup, even less upkeep
    • Realtime archival of all inbound and outbound messages
    • Works anywhere — even with non-LuxSci email hosting

    Free data backups included with all email hosting accounts:

    • Automatic backups of all email, WebAides, web/database data
    • Seven daily backups and up to four weekly backups
    • Unlimited restores included at no additional cost
    • Custom backup schedules for dedicated servers

    Automate your email management:

    • Save messages to specific folders or to LuxSci WebAides
    • Advanced text scanning with regular expressions
    • Tag messages, alter subject lines, or add custom headers
    • Filter by message charset, type, TLS status, DKIM status
    • Chain filters together for even more complex actions

    • Bulk add and edit users, aliases and more
    • Control sharing and access globally or on a granular level
    • Delegate user roles through permissions
    • Configure account-wide taglines, sending restrictions, and more
    • Remotely administer account via SOAP API

    Share, collaborate, organize, synchronize:

    • Calendars, Contacts, Documents, Notes, Widgets, Workspaces
    • Fine-grained access control and security
    • Access anywhere via secure web portal or smartphone
    • Save over solutions like Microsoft Exchange

    Free folder sharing for all email hosting accounts:

    • Share mail folders with other users in your account
    • Subscribe to only the folders you want to see
    • Set read-only or read-write access control
    • View all personal and shared folders via unified web interface

    Color code and label your email messages:

    • Define and assign multiple IMAP keywords to each message
    • Filter, search, and sort by tags
    • Compatible and synchronizes with any IMAP email client
    • Also usable with WebAide entries