LuxSci's High Volume Email Sending Service provides two service options, Basic and Premium. Basic is LuxSci's stand-alone, dedicated, High Volume SMTP email option. Premium High Volume includes full email hosting features and can be shared or dedicated. Basic and premium services are compared in Features

The prices for LuxSci's stand-alone dedicated Basic High Volume service are listed below. The Premium Service price list shows the prices for adding the Premium High Volume Service to your email hosting account.

Basic Dedicated High Volume Monthly Plans

Pricing plans are based on the number of recipients that you send to each month and how fast you must send to them. (One email to one person is counted as "one recipient.")

Use the table below to find the best value for you needs. Start with the maximum messages per month and the sending rate per hour or day.

Dedicated Server Size

Performance x1 Performance x2 Performance x4 Performance x8
Maximum msgs/hr 42,000 86,000 160,000 270,000
Spotlight Mailer Max/hr 32,000 64,000 85,000 100,000
Expected msgs/hr 20,000 40,000 80,000 160,000
Expected msgs/day 500,000 1,000,000 2,000,000 4,000,000
Recommended # connections 3-4 6-8 12-16 16-24
Maximum recipients/month ↓

250,000 $100/mo
500,000 $150/mo $250/mo
1,000,000 $200/mo $325/mo $400/mo
2,000,000 $250/mo $400/mo $500/mo $600/mo
5,000,000 $500/mo $650/mo $800/mo
10,000,000 $1000/mo $1250/mo
20,000,000 $2000/mo
Higher volumes Contact Sales

Upgrade: Private Labeling +$25/mo
Upgrade: Spotlight Mailer +$50/mo

Pricing and Account Details

  • $100 setup fee
  • One dedicated IP address per server
  • Multi-server clusters available: contact sales
  • Sending throughput based on server type
  • Concurrent connections: up to 25 sustained; 100+ burst.
  • First month + last month payment to begin; 30-day cancellation notice
  • Business Class servers used (ask if you are interested in Enterprise Class)
  • Ready in 0-3 business days

Acceptable Use

  • Termination due to Acceptable Use Policy violations precludes any refunds — This includes: last month's fees, credit for the remainder of the current month, and credit for unused pay-as-you-go blocks.

Please be sure to carefully review our MSA and AUP before purchase.

LuxSci Master Services Agreement (MSA)

LuxSci Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for High Volume Outbound Email Accounts

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