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An increasing number of medical practices are providing online services to make patient information and communication more accessible. However, medical records hold extremely sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, insurance IDs, addresses, and personal medical details. Unfortunately, in today's world we are forced to consider the possibility of that information being leaked. For instance, if hackers got a hold of Social Security numbers and insurance IDs, they could use those to open up lines of credit or receive healthcare in the patient's name.

LuxSci offers leading email and web security services that ensure the confidentiality of your patient's records. Our medical web services follow the regulations set forth by HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to secure all ePHI (electronic protected health information) so you can feel confident about your patient's protection.

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Medical Email Marketing

HIPAA-compliant email marketing secures all information that could make your patients identifiable. Whether the contents of your email blast contains highly-personal information or a generic message, because you are sending it to a patient's email address, that deems it as ePHI. Medical professionals have a responsibility to uphold strict HIPAA-compliant standards even when it comes to email marketing. That's why LuxSci offers email services that encrypt your message and prompt the patient to verify his or her identity prior to viewing the message. Using this type of secure email hosting, hackers won't stand a chance gaining access to your patient's information.

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LuxSci offers highly-effective and easy-to-use platforms that are customizable and intuitive. We will cater our services to meet the needs of your medical practice and offer you constant, reliable customer service. To find out if our system is right for your practice, try out our 30-day free trial. Some of our service features include spam and virus filtering, premium private labeling, and end-to-end email encryption. LuxSci is here to ensure the digital side of your practice remains HIPAA-compliant so you can get back to focusing on your patient's medical health rather than their cybersecurity.

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