April 2nd, 2010

SecureForm: now with SMTP TLS for Secure Form Email Delivery

SecureForm is LuxSci’s service that makes it quick and easy to collect data, including files, from web and PDF form posts and have that data emailed to one or more recipients and/or archived in a LuxSci WebAides document storage area.  The “Secure” in SecureForm refers in part to the fact that the emailed form data can be secured using PGP or S/MIME.  This, combined with enforced use of SSL, ensures that the form data is secured from end-to-end … from submission by the end user to the receipt by the web site administrator.  This ensures HIPAA compliance and strong security for that data.

Now, SecureForm supports the option of secure delivery of form data emails to recipients using TLS instead of PGP or S/MIME.  While use of TLS only is less secure than PGP or S/MIME, it is more user friendly — there is no need for certificates or extra steps to decrypt the messages once they arrive.  TLS does provide transport encryption from LuxSci’s servers to the recipients servers and thus still provides HIPAA compliant form data delivery. 

TLS Only secure form data delivery provides a simpler and more user friendly experience for those who do not require as much security as public key encryption offers (i.e. the message being always encrypted, even in the recipients email folders).

TLS only secure form delivery is available now to all SecureForm customers who

  • Have at least one SecureLine license, and
  • Who have enabled TLS delivery as a permitted option for their account in their Global SecureLine configuration area.

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