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Archive All Sent Marketing Email with the LuxSci High Volume Service

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Long available with LuxSci’s standard email services, users of LuxSci’s High Volume Bulk Outbound Email service can also have copies of all sent messages automatically BCC’ed to an email address of their choice (at any service provider to whom receipt of these messages is acceptable).

Collection of copies of all sent email messages is crucial for anyone who needs to have all sent email archived for backup, auditing, or compliance reasons.  If you are sending bulk email, transactional email, or marketing email in a healthcare context, HIPAA may apply and your messages all need to be archived.  The mass emailing must also be done in a HIPAA-compliant manner, such as using the LuxSci Premium High Volume sending services. 

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More Backups for Premium LuxSci Customers

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

LuxSci performs automatic on site and off site backups of all email, web site, database, WebAide, and Widget data for its customers.  These are snapshots of the data on our servers at specific points in time.

LuxSci has just expanded its backups for Premium Environment customers.  We have increased the number of rolling daily snapshots that we perform from 2 to 7.  Premium environment customers now automatically have access to:

  • 7 Daily on-site backup snapshots of their data
  • 4 Weekly off-site backup snapshots of their data
  • Free restores from backup (within reason)

This provides our Premium customers with even more ability to recover lost or accidentally deleted information.

Basic environment customers who receive a discount for reduced service levels have 7 daily on site backups, no off site backups, and paid restores.

For customers for whom their email data is business critical, we also recommend that they purchase Premium Email Archival.  This compliments the backup snapshots by providing an immutable history of all inbound and outbound email messages that can be searched at any time for up to 10 years.  Backups restore folders to the state that they were in at a specific time.  Archives find messages that may or may not be in backups or which were deleted long ago and for which backups no longer exist.

Can you retrieve all Joe’s email from the last 2 months please? No, why not?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

We are increasingly seeing cases where some impropriety has happened within a customer’s organization and this leads to the desire to assemble as much proof and context for this as possible.

One of the first things customers think of is to collect all inbound and outbound email correspondance related to the problem for the time period involved.  Next, they open a Support Ticket asking us to gather all of this email … assuming we can magically produce anything that has passed through our systems and instantly (or at least quickly) retrieve it.

There is magic like this … powerful mojo that allows the customer to search for and retrieve any and all of this email easily.  Unfortunately, even Harry Houdini had to prepare for his spectacular feats; if the customer has not had the foresight to prepare for the possibility that  a non-editable, non-deletable, complete history of email traffic might be very important, then s/he is usually, unfortunately out of luck.

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New Reporting Feature & Message Archival

Friday, December 1st, 2006

New Reporting Feature: LuxSci has released a new reporting feature making CSV downloads of all or selected aliases and forwards in an account a snap.

Archive Messages: LuxSci has added an "Archive" button feature to WebMail making it easy to save selected messages to a single "Archive" folder for later access.