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Email your Form Data Securely to Addresses Determined on the Fly

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

SecureFormLet’s say you have a web or PDF form and you would like to have the completed form emailed back to the user after it is submitted.  Or perhaps you have a complex form whose data should be sent to any one of a wide range of different email addresses based on its content.  Finally — what if those email messages needed to be secure to protect the form data?

It’s now quick and simple to accomplish this with LuxSci SecureForm.

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Dynamic Form Data Template File Names with LuxSci SecureForm

Monday, August 15th, 2011

LuxSci SecureForm service uniquely enables web sites and PDF forms to post their data and files to a secure URL and have that data automatically securely emailed to one or more recipients, uploaded to an S/FTP site, archived in an online collaborative WebAides file storage space, and/or saved to a MySQL database.  With a few clicks and minimal changes to existing forms, customers can have sophisticated and secure forwarding, processing, and storage of their form posts, including re-filling the posted data into template PDF, html, xml, and other files.

Dynamic Form Data Template File Names

When using a PDF or other template file with Premium SecureForm, the uploaded data is re-filled back into the template and the resulting file is stored or transmitted to you.  Use of template files enables you to receive the form data in a format or layout that matches your business process.

With “Dynamic Template File Names”, you can now have the name of the template file that results from each form post be created to contain data from the post itself and/or to contain date and time information.  In addition to being able to substitute general date and time information (such as the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second of the post in your preferred timezone, and a general timestamp in GMT), you can substitute the contents of any submitted form field.

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Change the Subject! Modify inbound email message subject lines with dynamic and static content using Custom Email Filters

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

All LuxSci email hosting customers can create unlimited “Custom Email Filters” to take various actions (like delete, save to a folder, forward, save to WebAide, etc.) on certain inbound email messages if they match specified criteria (such as being from a certain person, contain certain content, etc.).

Now, these customers can create Custom Email Filters that dynamically alter or replace the “Subject” of an inbound email message.  The new Subject can be composed of static text as well as dynamic content.

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