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Schedule Your Email Filters to Work Best for You

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Email FilterWould you like to be able to schedule an auto-response to be sent out not only based on criteria such as recipient email address, but also based on what day of the week and the time?  Perhaps you would like a message to fire off only when you are “off shift”. Or, perhaps certain types of messages should be forwarded to a colleague when you are “off shift”.

LuxSci has introduced day of the week and time scheduling into its powerful custom email filtering system.

Custom email filters enable you to match messages with razor precision to perform a wide range of actions on matching messages — e.g. forwarding, deleting, tagging, auto-responding, and much more.

The new scheduling option allows you to configure each filter to be used

  1. Only during a specified time range on selected days of the week.  E.g. 9am – 5pm Eastern time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  2. Anytime except  during a specified time range on selected days of the week.  E.g. I work am – 5pm Eastern time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so have the filter be used on all other days and times.

The Filter Scheduling option can be configured in the “Additional Settings” area when you are creating or editing a custom filter in the LuxSci interface.

Safe Family Email with LuxSci Parental Controls

Monday, January 20th, 2014

LuxSci’s email services are versatile, as well as secure. We offer solutions to many problems and meet a diverse assortment of specialized needs.  One important niche well-served by LuxSci’s flexible and highly configurable system is that of parental control — specifying exactly what email should be sent and received by children and keeping tabs on that email, while not restricting the parent’s (administrator’s) email usage.

This article highlights the many options available to configure an account for parental control.  As each parent’s requirements differ, each parent may wish to choose a different combination of settings.  No problem! LuxSci is infinitely configurable.

You should start by ordering a LuxSci email hosting account with your own domain name (i.e. your-family.com) and Premium Email Filtering.  Once you have a LuxSci email account, and have created users for your family members, you can proceed with the following configuration ideas to make your account family friendly and safe.

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Automatic Email Responses: The Next Level

Friday, November 19th, 2010

LuxSci has extensively revised and enhanced its “AutoResponder” tools to provide a very intuitive interface and some new, advanced features that transform the concept of AutoResponder from your basic “vacation” notice into a customizable, auditable, email response platform.

What is new?

  • Custom Response Criteria: AutoResponders can now be linked to Custom Email Filters.  This enables you to designate complex criteria for when an AutoResponder will be used.  For example, respond based on the sender address, the subject content, body content, header content, message size, etc.
  • Audit Trail: Users can now view or download  a history of all responses sent by their AutoResponders.  This history includes: when the response was sent, to whom, which AutoResponder was used, and the subject of the original email message.
  • HTML Editor: For AutoResponders with HTML response body content, this content can now be edited directly using our web-based visual HTML editor tools.
  • Many Responders: Users can now create any number of AutoResponders and keep them around to be used as needed.  Combined with our scheduling features, you can now have different AutoResponses enabled at different times in the future.

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Access Multiple Inboxes and Other Folders from a Single Account

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

I read about how Gmail supports “multiple Inboxes” and this seemed like a nice new feature.  However, LuxSci has allowed users to access the Inboxes and other folders from other accounts in its unified WebMail interface for over a year and a half now … i.e. this is old news. However, it’s not really “old news” as their “multiple Inbox” feature is named in misleading way — it is not supposed to give you access to other people’s Inboxes!

In this post, I’ll show you how to simulate multiple Inbox access in Gmail using the “multiple Inboxes” feature and indicate how this is not really a true multiple Inbox scenario and has some significant limitations.  Then, we’ll show you how to set up the same thing in LuxSci. Finally, you’ll see how to use LuxSci for true shared folder access.

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Flatten Multi-Part Messages into Plain Text

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

LuxSci has just released a new custom email filtering feature which allows users to convert email messages that match any arbitrary criteria into "plain text" versions of the original messages.  This is similar to our existing feature that allows you to "remove attachments" from inbound email messages; however, it goes a step further by condensing the resulting message into a single simple textual body.

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