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LuxSci has Explicit HIPAA Agreements with Vendors – including McAfee

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

The HIPAA Ombibus rules are on everyone’s mind as they scramble to bolster their HIPAA compliance before it’s too late. ¬†Among many other things, like stricter enforcement and breach notification rules, the Omnibus rules finally extend the requirements for HIPAA compliance to all of a Covered Entity’s Business Associates, and to all of the vendors that those companies use, etc., all the way across to anyone who could possibly come into contact with ePHI … even if they otherwise might not even know it!

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MobileSync: Interview with David Boreham, CEO of Nuevasync

Friday, August 26th, 2011

MobileSync, LuxSci’s mobile device synchronization solution, which includes real-time synchronization of email, calendars, contacts, and tasks and works on all modern mobile devices, is made possible by a close collaboration between LuxSci and NuevaSync. ¬†NuevaSync is a leader in providing ActiveSync-based synchronization solutions without Microsoft Exchange servers.

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