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LuxSci Outbound Email: 5 Sending Options Compared!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

It used to be that to send an email, you had very few choices and even less control over what happened once the message was sent, how many emails you could send, or how you connected to the Internet to send email.  Well, times have changed, the Internet has evolved, users are more savvy, and expectations are much higher.

Today, LuxSci offers (more than) five different ways to send outbound email, each geared to particular uses and needs.  In this article, we will describe each method, examine the pros and cons, and end with a  feature chart.  Our goal is to make your outbound email shopping experience straightforward and to provide you with an email service appropriate for your needs.

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New Preference for Customizing Plain Text Email Message Display

Monday, March 12th, 2012

LuxSci has added a new user preference that enables users to customize the font style and size used to display plain text message previews and content in the LuxSci WebMail interface.

By default, plain text message content is displayed in a fixed width font (“Courier New”) that is 12 pixels in size.  Users can individually override this now to use other fonts (like Arial or Times New Roman) and other sizes (e.g. to make the text larger).

This preference can be found under “My Preferences > Email Message List > Message Display“.

SecureLine Sending Enhancements

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

LuxSci has improved the look and feel of the SecureLine Escrow and SecureSend portals.  In the process, the maximum message size that can be sent from these portals has been raised from 20 Megabytes to 50 Megabytes (raw size) and the maximum number of attachments on one of these secure messages has been raised from 3 to 20 files.

The SecureSend portal allows anyone with an email address to send secure email messages to any LuxSci SecureLine user for free.  The SecureLine Escrow portal is where recipients who do not have PGP or S/MIME capability go to pick up secure email messages sent to them from LuxSci SecureLine users.

Customize Your Email Message Size Limit

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

LuxSci provides very generous limits on the maximum message size that can be sent — 200 MB for SMTP and 70 MB for WebMail.  However, some clients have a business need to restrict the maximum size of a message that they can send and receive to something much smaller.

It is straight forward to bounce inbound messages that are “too big” with a custom filter and send a custom bounce message.  However,  the filter has to be configured on a per-user basis, and doesn’t restrict outbound messages sizes.

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Send and Receive Larger Messages with LuxSci

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

LuxSci has doubled the maximum size of messages that can be sent or received via SMTP from 50 megabytes to 100 megabytes (encoded size).

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