February 25th, 2013

View, Search, Print, Download your Web/PDF Form Posts Like a Boss

By popular demand, LuxSci is pleased to announce a new feature that vastly simplifies and speeds access to and management of your web and PDF form post data.  SecureForm now includes a web-based user interface for searching, sorting, viewing, downloading, and printing all of your form post data.  It’s quick, accessible to non-administrators, and works with any form where you are saving copies of the post data to a database on LuxSci servers.

What you can do with the new Form Data Report

You can access this new report under your “My Reports > Form Data Saved to Database“.  Once there, you can select one of your SecureForm configurations that is saving posts to a database and press “Search”.  This displays all of the saved post data in a paged, tabular format for your review.  From there, you can:

  1. Narrow down the posts displayed by specifying a date range of interest
  2. Choose only some post columns to display, instead of all
  3. Search by up to 3 form fields of your choice for values of your choice
  4. Sort by any column
  5. View the IP address and HTTP Referrer of the person who posted the form data
  6. View exactly what date and time each form post was made
  7. Download all data from all form posts matching your selection as a CSV file (e.g. for import into Excel)
  8. Click on “Link to This View” to get a link that you can bookmark to come back to this search any time later

Additionally, you will find “View/Print” commands next to each form post data row that:

  1. Allow you to view all of the form fields and post data in a nicely formatted 2-column view that can be easily read or printed.
  2. Re-fill the form field data into a PDF template that you have prepared so that you can view/print/save this re-filled form PDF.
  3. Re-fill the form field data into a arbitrary text-based template that you have prepared (e.g. XML, HTML, plain text, etc.) so that you can view/print/save this re-filled form in your own custom file format.

Sharing Access to Form Post Data

Another benefit of the SecureForm Post Data Report is that you can specify what users in your account can access data from which SecureForm configurations.

  • Account administrators can automatically access data from all forms
  • Administrators can specify, in each SecureForm configuration, which additional users should be permitted full read access to the stored data.
Thus, non-administrative users can be granted data access on an as-needed per-form basis to perform their job duties.  All access to form data by anyone is also audited by our system.

SecureForm Configuration

If you would like to take advantage of our new data analysis user interface, you will need to edit your SecureForm configuration and:

  1. Ensure that it is set up to save data to one of your LuxSci MySQL databases (you may need to click on your “Database” tab at the top of your administration area and create one first).
  2. In the “Save To Database” configuration area, specify which users in addition to your account administrators you would like to be able to access the data for these forms.


There is always some caveat, isn’t there?
  • In HIPAA-compliant accounts where some users are compliant and some are not, non-compliant users are not permitted access to any SecureForm data via this report…. as any of the forms may contain PHI.
  • Files uploaded along with your form data cannot be saved in your MySQL database and thus are not available in this report.  You will need to save the files elsewhere — e.g. WebAides Documents, FTP, or Email.

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