May 28th, 2019

WebAides Passwords: Your Password Management Solution

By now, you probably have more online accounts than friends . As this number grows, it gets more difficult to manage each set of credentials. We tend to see two main approaches to this problem, each with their own downsides.

Using the Same or Similar Passwords for All of Your Accounts

The easiest approach is to use the same password for every account, or similar passwords with only slight variations (like adding a number at the end). This makes it easy to remember how to access all of your accounts, but it’s also incredibly dangerous.

If you have the same credentials for all of your accounts, all an attacker has to do is find out the password for one of them, and then they have access to everything. Such an attack could turn your life upside down – draining your bank accounts, ruining your credit, hijacking your social media and more.

It’s even less secure if you never change your single password. Have you noticed all of the major data breaches that keep popping up in the news? Unless you have lottery-winner luck, you’ve probably been a victim in at least a few of them.

This means that the passwords involved in these breaches are out there floating around in the depths of the internet. If you use the same old password for every account, a savvy attacker can seek out your password from a previous breach and use it to infiltrate all of your accounts.

If you only change your passwords slightly, it doesn’t make things much better. An attacker can take the related password that they found online and use it as a base. This gives them a huge advantage and makes it much quicker to find your password variations.

With this information and modern cracking tools, it doesn’t take long until they have access to your banking, email, social media accounts and more.

Using Different Passwords for Each of Your Accounts

The best approach for securing your online life is to have different passwords for each of your accounts. If an attacker gets ahold of one, they will only be able to access that account, and everything else will generally be safe. This method helps to limit any damage that may occur if you are hacked.

The problem is that it’s basically impossible to remember dozens of passwords. Unless you’re Rain Man, you’re going to forget and get locked out of your accounts on a regular basis, creating a huge amount of inconvenience.

The only way that most people can remember a bunch of passwords is if they use simple ones. This approach also creates issues, because weak passwords are easy to break with cracking tools. As you can see, none of these techniques provide a secure, convenient and usable option.

The Solution? WebAidesTM Passwords

As part of LuxSci’s WebAidesTM application package, we offer a password management tool. WebAidesTM Passwords allows LuxSci users to create and securely store lists of passwords. It makes it easy to keep separate passwords for each of your accounts, bolstering your security.

With just a single master password, you can have separate complex passwords for everything, giving you both security and convenience. WebAidesTM Passwords features PGP encryption to safely store passwords for either single users or groups. This set up means that LuxSci cannot access the password data.

The tool is flexible, allowing you to easily control access to group passwords. It’s simple to add or remove users from groups. This automatically changes the individual’s access, without forcing you to re-encrypt individual passwords. Group passwords can also be changed easily whenever needed.

We’ve also added a new admin export feature for business continuity and disaster recovery. This tool allows admins to interactively decrypt and backup the entire password web archive as either a backup or for offline storage. Doing so creates an audit trail to keep track of how the passwords are being managed.

This new feature makes it easy to check one more box on your business continuity and disaster recovery plan. It’s an easy solution for ensuring that all of your passwords are saved offline, just in case.

Our WebAidesTM Passwords tool isn’t the only option for password management. There are other choices like LastPass, which can be useful for tasks like in-browser completion.

LuxSci’s offering has its own advantages as a versatile tool for back-end corporate password archival, sharing and storage. The best part? It’s included in our HIPAA-compliant email.

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