"We are a networking solutions company that provides services to small and medium sized businesses, many of which need secure and reliable email solutions. We found LuxSci after several hours of web research. Most hosting companies offer email as an afterthought and their support and range of email services reflects that. LuxSci is totally different. The first account we transferred to them was complex, but we had a response to our first technical inquiry in five minutes. Since then, we have switched our own account and several of our clients to LuxSci. They all have different needs and levels of complexity, but LuxSci has handled every request quickly and correctly. None of our accounts have had ANY downtime. As a technical company, we also appreciate the monthly newsletters and constant additions of new features and services. In our fifteen plus years of business, we are usually reluctant to recommend companies without reservations--LuxSci is a notable exception."

Steve Fuller, CS III

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