"Your support staff has saved me from email disaster twice! I setup Thunderbird with LuxSci on my PC and it then froze repeatedly; my IT person attempted to fix it but to no avail. Several hours later and highly frustrated, we called LuxSci. The tech we spoke with had an impressive knowledge base, perceived our mood very well and communicated with a perfect balance between friendly and professional. He was articulate, gave clear concise directions and made sure we followed along. Most importantly, he resolved the issue and successfully managed our frustration so well that we walked away inspired to send you this compliment. The second time I messed up my inbox in Thunderbird by dragging folders into it and doing other things. A different tech helped me 'reverse engineer' all I had done. It was clear he knew your product inside and out.and again professionally managed one seriously frustrated client. I am happy to find out it was not LuxSci causing the issues, and that your staff person was sharp enough to tease out and fix each of the many components that was ruining my day. Our take away from these episodes is that LuxSci hires really good people. Thank you LuxSci--your superb staff are a great reason for us to keep using your services."