"I've been using LuxSci for almost two years now, and during that time I've had numerous interactions with the staff, from sales to billing to support to the CEO himself. Without exception, each and every interaction with every employee has been an absolute pleasure. Being a professional software developer myself, I can be hard to please and can smell BS and canned answers from a mile away, but I've never had any of that from LuxSci. My questions to support have been answered promptly in full (always by a highly knowledgeable person), my concerns addressed, my feature requests taken seriously, and some have even been implemented within a relatively short time frame. In my twenty years doing business on the Internet I have never received as professional a service from all departments of a company as LuxSci has given me. I've got just a single account, and still I get the royal treatment.

The email and web hosting services they provide are also rock solid. In my two years a customer, I remember only a single, short-lived, service outage. I opened a support ticket as soon as I noticed it, and received a reply within ten minutes--at 4 o'clock in the morning their time. I was provided a full explanation of the situation and was informed that problem was actively being worked on by the engineers. No hosting company can avoid outages completely, but the truly great ones keep their customers in the loop when something does go wrong, as soon as it happens. LuxSci is one of those companies.

In short, if you're looking for the best email and web hosting company for yourself or your company, look no further than LuxSci. These guys blow everyone else out of the water with rock solid reliability, give you more security features than you can shake a stick at, respect your privacy, and provide truly professional, timely, highly knowledgeable customer support to boot."

Peter V. H.

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