"It seems strange that anyone would rave about a 'simple' Email Provider? Seriously, what's there to do, other than pass along emails and house them on a server? Well, that's what I used to think, too...before I set up my account with LuxSci.

The tools offered by this company to handle enterprise and mail order emails are simply fantastic: custom filters that route your email seamlessly, backup/restore services, aliasing and a set of Junk Mail tools that truly makes the SPAM disappear before I even see it. My incoming mail has been reduced from 300 per day to 30 with no 'False Positives'. No email program has ever come close to this level of accurate SPAM filtering.

Perhaps more important is the Customer Service. You're far more likely to wait a matter of minutes, rather than days for a response to a problem. You'll never hear from a Robot, and they actually provide REAL answers to your issues. I've yet to receive the typically condescending, 'Well you need to contact your Email Software Provider'. These guys know their stuff and are more responsive than a 9-11 call.

Am I raving? You betcha. They deserve it."

Rich Lucibella, Publisher, S.W.A.T. Magazine

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