Premium High Volume naturally extends to provide compliant HIPAA emailing and transactional HIPAA email services.

Premium High Volume ensures:

  1. Transmission Encryption - Email is always transmitted to all recipients in a secure, encrypted manner
  2. Overall HIPAA Email Security - All HIPAA requirements that apply to email are met by the Premium High Volume component of your system
  3. Reporting - Access and auditing reports are available to you
  4. Tracking - Track opens of messages, delivery status, type of encryption used, and more

Premium High Volume and HIPAA Bulk Email

If you require HIPAA compliance because ePHI may be transmitted in your bulk or transactional outbound email, then you can get HIPAA compliant bulk email by:

  1. Order LuxSci Premium High Volume service with HIPAA Compliance. Use this order link to get started.
  2. Compliance Lock Down — LuxSci automatically locks down your new account with all of the security restrictions required for HIPAA compliant outbound email to any recipient
  3. Business Associate — LuxSci co-signs its HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with you, as required by HIPAA Omnibus.

That's it — at this point you will setup your sending programs (or LuxSci Spotlight Mailer) to use Premium High Volume for compliant bulk outbound email.

eBook — HIPAA-compliant Bulk Emailing Basics

A technical guide to bulk emailing

Book 3 in the LuxSci Internet Security Series.

Created by Erik Kangas, PhD

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