Premium High Volume Monthly Plans

Prices listed are add-on prices to a regular shared email hosting or dedicated email hosting account.

Recipients per month Shared Dedicated
25,000 +$40 +$20
50,000 +$100 +$50
100,000 +$200 +$100
250,000 +$200
500,000 +$300
1,000,000 +$500
2,000,000 +$750
5,000,000 +$1,000
10,000,000 +$1,500
20,000,000 +$2,500


  • No setup fee
  • Shared IP Address
  • Concurrent connections: 2-4 sustained; 25 burst.
  • Ready in 1-2 hours


To send more than 20,000,000 messages/month and for cluster options, please contact sales

Acceptable Use

  • Termination due to Acceptable Use Policy violations precludes any refunds — This includes: last month's fees, credit for the remainder of the current month, and credit for unused pay-as-you-go blocks.

Please be sure to carefully review our MSA and AUP before purchase.

LuxSci Master Services Agreement (MSA)

LuxSci Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for High Volume Outbound Email Accounts

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