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What is High Volume Outbound Email?

LuxSci's High Volume Outbound Email service offers organizations the means to send legitimate bulk mailings to their established customer or subscriber base.

Who is it for?

It is also ideal anyone needing to send large numbers of email messages to explicitly opted-in mailing lists. It is also useful for those who need a "smart host" for their in-house email system or web site, or require a simple authenticated SMTP service.

How does it work?

High Volume Email is hosted on servers dedicated to sending email in bulk. These servers are separated logically and physically from our Premium Email servers, so that any block listing or grey listing that may result due to the nature of this service will not affect our Premium Email accounts that send individual, business, or low volume email.

High Volume users register their "From addresses" with us and get them approved. They then configure their email programs to use provided SMTP credentials for their outbound email.

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Reporting Abuse?

The LuxSci High Volume Outbound Email service has a zero tolerance policy towards the sending of Spam and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). Please see our Acceptable Use Policy.

To report abuse of this service, please contact "abuse at luxsci.com" and include copies of the message(s) in question. The headers of these messages include tracking codes that we can use to easily identify the sender and message in question.

LuxSci is a very unusual company in the respect that if you ask support for a technical help, NOTHING is ever insurmountable to them. From a 1 to a 10, they are twelve!"

Tim Hughes . Founding Principle & Sr. Managing Director . United Conduit Securities