Understanding LuxSci Email Migration

This document contains answers to many of the questions we get from customers regarding a LuxSci IMAP Email Migration. If your question is not answered in this document, please ask your sales representative or our support staff for more information.

Q: What is the cost of an email migration from my current provider to LuxSci?
A: Pricing is based on the number of users and the amount of email that you are migrating. You can find our standard pricing schedule here. Custom pricing applies if:
  • The number of actual users is much greater than the number of users you've indicated.
  • More than two "passes" are required to copy all data. One "pass" is one full copy of all data for all of your users from your current email provider.
  • There are an extremely large number of folders or emails.
  • There are other complex, non-standard considerations.
Q: What is a "pass"?
A: In a standard migration, two "passes" will be performed. A "pass" is one full copy of all data for all of your users from your current email provider. The data is then saved in their new LuxSci email accounts. We perform two passes to make sure that all data is copied from your current provider before you end your services with them.
Q: How do I start my migration from my current provider to LuxSci?
A: In order for the migration to begin, our technicians will need the following information:
  • The mail server name that we can use to access your users' email and whether this server requires a secure connection (e.g. over TLS). This information can be given to you by your current email provider.
  • Confirmation that IMAP has been enabled on the mail server you're providing. This information can be given to you by your current email provider.
  • A CSV file or Excel Spreadsheet containing a list of all users to be migrated (their login usernames and current passwords). If you have a large number of users, you may be able to export this information from your current provider.
  • Your best estimate of the total amount of data to be moved for all users.
Q: How do I provide your technicians with this information?
A: Once your LuxSci Account has been created, you will use a Support Ticket to provide this information to our technicians.
Q: What happens during the migration?
A: Our technicians use migration software that looks at your current email provider's server and makes a copy of each folder and email on LuxSci servers. This copy will preserve your folder trees and location of emails without affecting service or performance at your current provider in any way. The migration can be done at any time with no downtime for you at either LuxSci or your current provider.
Q: How will I know the migration is complete?
A: When the first pass of the migration is complete, our technicians will respond to your Support Ticket. You can then check your LuxSci account for all expected folders and emails. Once you have confirmed that everything is in order and you are prepared to end services with your current provider, we will perform a second pass. This pass copies any data that may have arrived between the end of the first pass and the time you end services with your current provider (i.e. when you request a second pass).
Q: How long will this take?
A: Once you get our technicians the required information, the migration will be scheduled. Once initiated, the migration time depends on two main things:
  1. The speed, reliability, and robustness of your current email provider's IMAP server.
  2. How much data you have to migrate.

Getting our technicians the required information as quickly as possible means we can start and finish as quickly as possible.

Q: Is there a chance that email stored at my current provider would be negatively affected?
A: No. This is a read-only procedure so we are only looking at and copying information. There is no chance of your emails or folders being damaged in any way during the migration.

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