LuxSci started saving over $3000/mo immediately on switching to CCS

About CCS

Credit Card Services (CCS) is a minority, veteran, and woman-owned business located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Big Company Service: Credit cards are processed through FirstData, one of the largest back-end credit card processors in the world (almost all credit card processors, like Bank of America, use them or someone else large as the back-end). They are thus completely reliable and scalable to any volume of processing.
  • Small Company: CSS is a small company with personal and caring support. You get big company services with small company support ... like with LuxSci.
  • PCI Compliant: All stages of credit card processing that pass through CCS are PCI Compliant.

How can the Pricing be so Good? - Interchange Plus!

There are over 400 different kinds of credit cards and each one has a different basic fee that the credit card company charges the vendor for accepting it. This is the "Interchange" fee and it can range from 1% to 4% or more. Your normal credit card processor "simplifies" your pricing by setting a high rate that is above all these interchange rates -- so they make money on all transactions and so you have a simple price point.

These processors make a lot of money because most cards have interchange rates well below your fixed set fee.

CCS offers "Interchange Plus" pricing. This means that the fee you are charged is simply this interchange plus a small percentage, e.g. 0.5%. Thus your rate varies from card to card, you get a much smaller rate overall, and CSS makes a fixed small percentage on each transaction -- rather than the variable but much larger average profit made by their competition.

Low Interchange Plus pricing combined with very low corporate overhead makes it virtually unprofitable for any other company to do better for you.

Is it hard to change?

Its amazingly easy to change credit card processors:

  • Online Processors: If you accept credit cards online, all you have to do is contact your Gateway (e.g. or the like) and have them change one or two numbers in your account -- the ones which govern to whom they send the credit card transactions. This takes about 1 minute and requires no changes to your web site or ecommernce software.
  • Offline Processors: If you swipe credit cards, then you need to simply update the terminals with the new account details. You only need new terminals if yours are very old and deprecated. If you have a lot of terminals, CCS may be able to update them all for you.

See what CCS can Save You

To get started and see how much CSS can save your business, you just need to fill out the attached form and upload copies of your last 2 credit card processing statements for analysis.

CCS will get your information and determine approximately how much you should save monthly, based on your business and their pricing. You will also save an additional 10% off CSS's fees due to LuxSci's relationship with CCS.

$100 Guarantee. If you send in your business information and recent statements though here, LuxSci itself guarantees that you will be given an expected processing percentage rate per swipe* lower than that which you currently have.

Get Started

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3. Data Collection

Please upload copies of your most recent 2 merchant statements.

  • If you have not accepted credit cards before, you can skip this.
  • If it is easier, you can FAX these to 216-282-6CCS

Statement 1:

Statement 2:

I will FAX these in later to 216-282-6CCS

4. Other Questions, Concerns or Goals

Please describe any questions, concerns, or goals that you would like addressed during your review and conversations with CSS. Also, please describe any special situations or desires you have that are not otherwise covered on this form.

5. Signature

By signing here you:

  • Authorize Credit Card Services to review and advise on all information on this form and related documents
  • Authorize Credit Card Services to share any of this information with their affiliates for the purpose of completing an analysis or approving an account.
  • Understand that all financial information is confidential and will be treated that way.
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5. Contact CCS Directly

If you would like to contact CCS directly with questions, please do!

Web Site:

Email: info _at_

FAX: 216-282-6CCS

Mail: Credit Card Services, LLC; 29850 Smithfield Rd.; Orange Village, OH 44022

If you talk to them directly, sure to mention "LuxSci10" to get 10% extra off of your credit card processing fees!

*Excludes the following fees: statement, PCI, online access, gateway. However, these fees are included in your analysis so that you can make a fully informed decision on what solution is best for you. Applies to U.S. companies only.

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