Security & Compliance

Data stored at rest using 256-bit AES encryption
Data transmitted using TLS
Data never transmitted directly in raw text messages
Data not stored on recipient mobile devices
Password-based recipient authentication
Audit trail of recipient logins and recipient message access
Permanent storage for all messages and attachments with Email Archival

Sending SecureText Messages

Send from LuxSci WebMail or any email program
Send via the LuxSci REST API
Send to multiple recipients in one message
Send to both secure email and SecureTextTM recipients in the same message
Send content and attachments up to 100 MB per message
Send attachments and images
No special application needed
Request and receive read receipts without the need for recipients to approve them
Notification text messages are customizable (with Private Labeling)
Obtain and use a custom texting phone number or short code (with Private Labeling)

Receiving SecureText Messages

Any smartphone with a Web browser and Internet access
View images and attachments supported by your smartphone
Secure reply to messages
Self-service password reset via configurable alternate email address
Quickly view new SecureTextTM messages without entering a password (as long as your IDLE timeout has not expired)
Session IDLE logout
Session logout on demand
View all sent and received messages in one place (with Private Labeling)