WebAide Address Books

  • can synchronize with Mobile Devices using Mobile Sync
  • are fully compatible with many email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Entourage
  • synchronize with mobile devices
  • include an Outlook synchronization plug-in.
  • are modeled after Outlook "Contacts" and can contain over 80 kinds of information
  • support the import and export of address books via CSV or vCard files.

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Selected Features

Feature Included
Pictures/Images of Contacts
Upload and display an image for each contact. Contact images synchronize with Outlook and Mobile Devices.

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Address Book Widgets
Users can use customizable address book Widgets to display and interact with simplified views of their address books on their Workspaces. These widgets also provide easy access for mobile devices.
Import & Export
Import or export your address books using CSV or vCard (.vcf) files. Our Import Wizard makes it easy to import from any source that can produce data stored in these supported formats.
Email Composition: Auto-Complete Addresses
Our address books are tightly integrated with WebMail email composition. The To, Cc, and Bcc address inputs auto-complete and give smart suggestions from your address books (by searching email, name, company, and nickname fields). Additionally, the pop-up address book viewer tool makes it very easy to search your address books and select entries for use during email composition.
Email Contacts to Others as vCard Attachments
Contact Notes
Store arbitrary HTML-formatted notes about your contacts using the "Notes" field. A visual editor for entering and editing the comments is included.

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White Listing of Address Book Contacts (with Basic Email Filtering)
You can configure your Basic Email Filter so that messages from anyone in your address book are never considered Spam.
Compose Email: Auto-Save New Contacts
Optionally automatically add entries to your address book for all recipients of messages you send from WebMail.
API Access
Access address book information via our User API. This allows you to write custom programs that import, export, and synchronize address book data with your LuxSci WebAide Address Books. API access includes the ability to update SecureLine Escrow data for contacts.
File Attachments
You can attach any number of files of any size (up to 200 MB each) to your Address Book entries.

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