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WebAide Links

  • offer list management of links to Internet web sites.
  • support shared access control.

Selected Features

Feature Included
Links Widgets
Users can use customizable Links Widgets to display and interact with simplified views of their Link lists on their Workspaces.
Export: XML, CSV, RSS
Export some or all of your Links entries into XML, CSV, or RSS files.
Import: CSV, RSS
Import links from CSV and RSS 2.0 files.
Access Links via a Public RSS URL
Users can publish any Links WebAide as a "Public RSS v2.0 File". This allows anyone or any program that has Internet access to download a list of all of your Links with this special URL. This "public" access to your data is optional and off by default. If enabled, it can be password-protected, accessed over SSL, and access-restricted by IP.

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