WebAide Notes

  • are a simple and easy way to manage and view notes.
  • support shared access control.

Selected Features

Feature Included
Export: XML, CSV, RSS
Export some or all of your Notes entries into XML, CSV, or RSS files.
Import: CSV, RSS
Import notes from CSV and RSS 2.0 files.
Access Notes via Public RSS URL
Users can publish any Notes WebAide as a "Public RSS v2.0 File". This allows anyone or any program that has Internet access to download the content of all notes or recent notes using this special URL. This "public" access to your data is optional and off by default. If enabled, it can be password-protected, accessed over SSL, and access-restricted by IP.
Inbound Email: Auto-Create Notes Entries
Create custom email filters to automatically save the content from inbound email messages directly to Notes, making new entries for you on the fly.
API Access
Access task information via our User API. This allows you to write custom programs that import, export, and synchronize task data with your LuxSci WebAide Notes.

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