Created by Erik Kangas, PhD

This LuxSci white paper is your guide to locking down your organizations email systems to decrease your risk from cyber threat and human error. The Email Security Guide focuses on 8 pillars of email security and provides you with a checklist of best practices for each pillar with tips and comments from Erik related to each item. Its quick and easy to digest and provides insights that will assist organizations of all sizes in any sector.

This 15-page white paper includes chapter on:

  1. Access: Protecting access to your email account and the email itself
  2. Encryption: Securing sensitive inbound and outbound email messages
  3. Backups & Archival: Protecting your email from being lost or modified
  4. Defense: Shielding you from malicious messages
  5. Authorization: Protecting others from malicious email impersonating you
  6. Reporting: Enabling accountability and insight into what is going on with your email
  7. Reviews & Policies: Ensuring that you are using best practices with respect to email
  8. Evolve: Plan for your practices to evolve with the times

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