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What is SecureVideo?

HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing

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Plans and Pricing

Pricing is based only on how many individual users you will have of the system.

Users Price
$50/user/month Order
$35/user/month Order
$25/user/month Order

SecureVideo Features

Screen sharing
File sharing
Remote desktop control
Virtual Clinic
A one-click connection to queues of waiting remote providers. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other facilities. The Virtual Clinic platform is an always-on connection between a device at a medical facility and queues of remote providers.

An authorized staff member makes a request of either a specific remote provider, or any provider within a selected group, including any applicable notes. Once a request has been accepted, the staff member enters the provider’s waiting room and follows the organization’s clinical protocols. The remote provider chooses when to start the session once the patient arrives in the waiting room.

Session Notes
Create, view, and manage clinical session notes.
Users send session invitations, monitor for patients, launch sessions, and more from their personalized dashboards.
Users invite patients / participants by email, text messaging, or reading a unique 9-digit code over the phone.
Virtual Waiting Rooms
Patients enter the provider’s virtual waiting room by clicking a link in an email or entering a code sent from the provider.
Make it easy for your patients to recognize you. Customize your virtual office with your own URL, logo, and colors.
Accept credit cards online
Unlimited sessions
Up to 100 participants/group meeting or webinar

HIPAA Compliance

How are HIPAA standards met by SecureVideo?

In addition to a signed Business Associate Agreement:

  • 256-bit AES-encrypted signaling and media stream
  • 256-bit TLS-encrypted administration
  • 128-bit AES-encrypted full database encryption
  • Dedicated data center cage with biometric security, with no reliance on third parties for any routine network maintenance or management
  • Each session participant has his/her own individual session access code, which provides granular access and auditability
  • Auditing of all system logins and actions by IP addresses and user agents
  • No passwords stored on our system; we store salted one-way password hashes only
  • Notifications sent from our system, such as invites, notifications, and reminders, never include any PHI
  • For additional PCI compliance, no credit cards are stored on our system, nor does any credit card information pass through our system in unencrypted form; all credit card information is vaulted at our PCI-compliant merchant gateway
  • Our media streams run point-to-point by default, instead of through a relay, which results in the videoconferencing streams not transiting our infrastructure in the vast majority of technical scenarios. We do use a secure relay when necessary, as in the case of multiple Network Address Translation (NAT) devices situated between the endpoints.


Windows 7+
iPhone or iPod
Android tablets running v4.0.3+ (hover for details)
Android tablets running 4.0.3 or later, with NEON compatible ARM processor and Dual core CPU, e.g., Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and 4. (Not supported on devices using Atom processors.
Android phones running v4.0.3+ (hover for details)
Not supported on phones that use Atom processors.
Windows tablets running Windows 8+ (hover for details)
Not compatible with Windows RT.