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LuxSci offers two forms of partnership. You can either be a reseller or an affiliate. Both have different options and rewards. With these accounts, you can earn commission or credit based off a percentage of the monthly value of the accounts and the services sold.

What is the difference between a reseller and an affiliate?


A reseller buys the services from LuxSci and then sells them back to their clients at their prices. A reseller will also have to provide their own technical support to their clients. We also offer private labeling and portals, so you can change the appearance of the interface you are selling.

Resellers can also resell any type of account, whether it's a HIPAA account, high volume, or basic email. Don't worry about buying more than you need. With a la carte licensing, you purchase only the services your clients need, so you don't buy unnecessary features. Your account will be upgradable at any time, so you can change users, disk space, and more. To become a reseller, you can select Reseller Account during checkout, or contact sales for more assistance.


An affiliate just refers people to LuxSci and will earn commission on their referrals. LuxSci will take care of the billing and technical support. The commissions will last for as long as the accounts remain active and will be paid monthly.

There are many ways for an affiliate to refer people to LuxSci. When you register as an affiliate, you will have your own code for people to use. Referred people can use this code when signing up by phone, or online, or sending people to their affiliate URL.

LuxSci also offers many site banners that you can add to your website. When a user clicks on a banner, it will be brought to your affiliate URL. Becoming an affiliate is extremely easy. Just fill out the registration form, and you will receive an email with your user name and password to log into the portal.

Getting Paid

How does the commission and credits work? Every month, the amount that is paid on the account will equal the percentage of commission or credit earned. For accounts with $50 and up, there's a 10% commission or credit. For $500 and up, there's a 50% commission, and $5,000 and up, there's a 20% commission. Based on the features that the clients have, you will earn either full, half, or no commission on the tier that you're in.

To see the list of services and commission levels, please visit Reseller accounts will earn credit towards their accounts, while affiliates can earn the commission via check, PayPal or LuxSci credit.

Become and Affiliate

LuxSci is the ultimate in email, not only in terms of products but also in service. From a business perspective LuxSci provides unparalleled account administration and control over spam and viruses. You won't even know all the things that are possible with email until you check out LuxSci's multitude of special email services and products. They can also integrate web hosting with your email account."

William Hopwood . Florida Atlantic University