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LuxSci LuxSci Mailer service is the easy way to send mass emails. In this video we will be covering how to import and manage contacts in mailer.

Getting Started

To start, login to your mailer account. Then open the contact list menu and choose create a contact list. First, you have to name the list that you will be creating. Keep in mind that the name of the list will be shown to its members if they choose to subscribe to it. Then enter the rest of the information in the boxes below.

Contact Field Selection

The next section allows you to choose what fields are included in your list. By default it will include and show the email address and the name, as well as some other basic details about the members of the list. Additionally, you may add in custom fields to your list using the custom field box. When sending an email to the members of the list you may include any of these custom fields, which would be filled in with their info.

The last section on this page is optional. It allows you to input your company credentials for the list, if, for example, you want to have a footer with these details in all of the emails that you send. However, you can still include your company details later by using a template for your emails.

To go to the next page, click save.

Saving Contacts

This page allows you to save contacts to the list you just created. You can add a contact individually by clicking add contact under the action section of your list. However, this is not an efficient way of adding many contacts to your list as you can only add them one at a time.

Bulk Import of Contacts

The fastest way to add a large number of contacts to your list is to import them from a CSV or XML file. To do so, simply open the contacts drop down menu and select import contacts from a file. Next, choose the list that you wish to add the contacts to and configure the rest of the import details.

If this is the first time you are importing contacts, it is best to leave all the options under the import details section as their defaults. The next section allows you to manipulate the details of your file. This will allow you to specify how you formatted it so that the data can be interpreted properly. Now you may upload it by clicking choose file.

Once it has been uploaded, click next.

Mapping your file to contact fields

This next page allows you to map data from your file to the fields you chose earlier. For example, every file you upload should have an email address, which you should now map to the email address field. After mapping the information from your file to the desired fields, click next. Now you can choose to option to start import. After uploading you can see if the data uploaded was successfully interpreted. It will tell you if you uploaded duplicate emails or bad data, along with some other details. You have successfully completed uploading a contact list to your mailer account. You can now view your list by opening the contact list drop down menu and choosing view contact lists.

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Again you have made things easier, and I cannot begin to tell you and your colleagues that LuxSci has far and away the best tech support/customer service I have ever encountered."

Dr. Mark Zitlin