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In this tutorial we will cover how to create an email campaign. Creating an email campaign is a simple and efficient way to send an email to a large volume of subscribers. With email campaigns you can easily create and send an email to a list of contacts using one of many templates or making your own. You can also include attachments, custom fields and preview your email before sending it to make your email just the way you want it.

Getting Started

To start, open the email campaigns drop down menu and select the, create an email campaign option. Now you can either choose the template that you wish from a list of pre-made templates, or create your own template, or you use no template at all. It is recommended that you choose a template because the html setup for creating an email from scratch is more difficult.

Campaign Name

Now you can name your campaign. This name will not be seen by the recipients of the email campaign. After naming your campaign and choosing a template for it, click next.

Campaign Content

The next step is create and compose the content of your campaign. First give the campaign a subject. Then choose how you wish to create the content of your campaign. By default you will use the built-in html content editor. Alternatively, you may wish to upload a file from your computer or website to use as the content of your email.

Dynamic Fields

To insert dynamic fields such as the name of a subscriber, select the point on the email that you wish to add the field, then choose the, dynamic content button, located just below the editor for your email. Then click, insert a custom field, and choose the field you wish to include.

The Plain Text Editor

Another way of editing the content of your email is to do so in plain text editor rather than the html editor. This plain text editor is located just below the html editor. It also allows you to insert dynamic content using another dynamic content button below the editor. Below the two editors you can find other options to edit your email content. You can add attachments and check your email for spam trigger words, which could cause it to be tagged as spam when you send it.


Also, you have the option to view your email in other email programs to verify that it will look correct when opened in these programs. You can also preview your email by entering the email you would like it to be sent to and choosing the, preview your email campaign button. This preview will only be sent to the email you input to ensure that everything looks how you want it to.

If you are satisfied with your email campaign then click, save and exit. If you would like to continue editing the content of your email you should be sure to click, save and continue editing button, every once in awhile so that you do not lose your progress.

You have successfully created an email campaign.

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