About the SecureSend Service


What is SecureSend?

The SecureSend service allows anyone who has an email address to register for free so that they can then login and send secure email messages to any of our users who have "SecureLine" end-to-end email encryption services.

About LuxSci SecureLine

The SecureLine service enables these users to send secure email messages to anyone on the Internet using a variety of means - SMTP TLS, Escrow, PGP, and S/MIME.

With the SecureSend service, not only can these security-enabled users send email to anyone, but anyone can easily and for free send secure messages to them.

What are the limitations of SecureSend?

Users of the SecureSend service can send up to 100 messages per day and each message can contain up to 70 Megabytes of content and attachments.

Each message can be to only one single recipient and that recipient must be a user of our system who has the ability to receive such secure messages. You will receive an error messages if you try to send to anyone else.

You must be able to receive email messages at the email address that you wish to register with SecureSend.

What are the other benefits of SecureSend?

You can see a history of all your logins and messages sent, and a record is kept of to whom you have previously sent secure messages, so that you can more easily send to them in the future.

Messages can contain attachments and you can use HTML-markup with the message bodies.