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LuxSci & Oracle are Securing Healthcare Communications

HITRUST-Certified Email

Why do businesses choose LuxSci?

We commonly hear: LuxSci is the most secure and compliant solution we could find.

  • Our services are HITRUST certified and we easily pass all of their security audits.
  • We specialize in Zero Trust-aligned, micro-segmented, dedicated solutions.
  • From 21 years of evolution, our solution is flexible and scalable enough to meet large, complex, and unique business requirements.
  • Our top-rated US tech support proactively adds knowledge and value to their teams.


Secure MarketingTM

The only HIPAA-compliant email marketing and patient education tool safe enough to guarantee full HIPAA compliance at scale while allowing you to use your ePHI for both mailing list segmentation and for making your message content exceptionally targeted and relevant to its audience. Leverage your ePHI to achieve exceptional open rates and engagement.

Leverage your ePHI to achieve exceptional open rates and engagement.

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Secure High VolumeTM Sending

The only fully HIPAA-compliant email service that allows you to send large volumes of sensitive data with complete peace of mind.

Send using SMTP or API.

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Smart host email relaying

Secure Connector for Microsoft 365 & Google Workplace

Secure Connector adds HIPAA-compliant outbound email sending to your existing email solution: Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Flexible, easily configured, always-on encryption makes compliance teams happy.

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Secure Email Hosting

LuxSci specializes in HIPAA-compliant email solutions. With configurable security controls, custom isolated infrastructures, disaster recovery options, and the SecureLine email security solution that has been serving businesses since 2005, LuxSci is a best fit for organizations with demanding needs that are seeking to reduce their overall risk and the risk of breach due to human error.

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Secure Form

Secure FormTM

Simple and Powerful. Our Web and PDF form solutions enable you to create forms and to securely and flexibly get your form data right where you need it, in the format that you want it, so you can meet your business work-flow requirements, compliantly.

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Secure Web Hosting

Secure Web HostingTM

100% HIPAA compliant and secure in a dedicated Linux-based web hosting environment with redundancy and disaster recovery options available. We manage the servers and network while you manage your code in high-security isolation.

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Learn Why G2 Crowd Users Love LuxSci

LuxSci is a leader in HIPAA Compliant Messaging on G2   Read LuxSci Email and Web Security reviews on G2   Users love LuxSci on G2


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