SecureSend Privacy Policy

LuxSci has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for SecureSend. Any updates or amendments to this policy will be made here.

General usage:

While visiting the SecureSend web site, information is stored in a log file for the purpose of analyzing what pages are accessed, which files are downloaded, and what errors occur. We review which addresses visit our site. This process does not collect any personal information about you or your business.

Registered Users:

We collect the name and email address of our registered users in order to verify their identities and provide the SecureSend service. Once a user has logged in to SecureSend, cookies may used for authentication and verification purposes. Our cookies reside in a small file stored on your computer, which expires when you close your web browser (or sooner, depending you your personal preferences). Our cookies do not track your movement throughout the Internet and do not, ever, send us information about you when you are not on our site.

Additionally, we record all logins to SecureSend by registered users and the pages visited by them. This is for security purposes and for the purpose of analyzing what pages and features are being used and with what frequency.


We will not release any information about our registered users to third parties without those users' explicit consent, except as required for compliance with local, state, and federal law. We do not give out our registered users' email addresses or send SPAM. We may occasionally send important announcements regarding SecureSend to registered users.


We will not examine the content of your outgoing SecureSend email messages without your explicit consent, or the consent of the recipients of those messages. The contents of your email messages will be kept in the strictest confidentiality that can be afforded by compliance with local, state, and federal law. This clause is in addition to the fact that all messages sent via SecureSend are encrypted.