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LuxSci Mission

Provide unique, complete solutions and technical guidance to solve customers' individual needs. Challenge the standards for customer support. Push the limits of what is expected or believed possible.

Most companies are slow to respond or change, inflexible in delivery, and have very poor service support. LuxSci takes its experience and knowledge combined with a connection to the customer to light the way to the best solution for each and to ensure that those solutions continue to work and that the customers' needs continue to be met and exceeded.

A foundation of solid service, flexible offerings, and knowledgeable considerate human interaction generate customer relationships that transcend individual accounts, side step commoditization, generate trust, and span years.

LuxSci seeks to ensure that our customer's data is Safe (secure and private), our services are Simple (easy to use, integrate, and adapt), and that our customers Save (time, money, aggravation, etc.) so that their business' can prosper.

About LuxSci

Lux Scientiae (LuxSci) is a Massachusetts secure web & email hosting service founded in 1999 by Erik Kangas, Ph.D., a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We have been around through the Internet boom and bust, recessions, and have continued to grow and prosper the entire time. We're small, nimble, and not beholden to the whims of investors. We have excellent employee retention and we love what we do.

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LuxSci believes in "Clear Communications" through

  • Providing customizable communications solutions
  • Giving the best customer service experiences
  • Providing strong privacy policies and security features
  • Making good looking, usable products
  • Conducting business in an ethical, fair, and respectful manner

What Does "Lux Scientiae" Mean?

"Lux Scientiae" is Latin for "the light of knowledge." It is pronounced looks skee-en-tee-eye, but you can call us "LuxSci" (luck sigh) for short!


All of LuxSci's servers are located in premium data centers that include:

  • Security Certifications: SSAE16, ISO27001, ISO27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, Safe Harbor, CPS.
  • Biometric access controls
  • A multi-homed network with redundant OC12 and higher connections to many backbone providers such as AT&T, MCI, WilTel, Sprint, Qwest, Internap, and UUNET.
  • 15k SAS and SSD RAID disk subsystems for your email data
  • N+1 Redundant Failover UPS Power Supplies backed by generators
  • Enterprise Redhat Linux and CentOS
  • Sendmail, Panda IMAP, OpenSSL, Apache, GPG, Procmail, MySQL, PHP, Perl
  • Nuevasync: Partner for mobile synchronization

"We have been very happy with the HIPAA compliant services, especially the customer support. Doing well!"

—Nate McVay, Lifecare Oklahoma

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