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LuxSci Security Overview

The Internet is a powerful communications vehicle as much as it is a risky medium in which to conduct your business. Security risks don't just exist outside an organization. Security breaches and privacy dangers grow unseen like weeds in the ranks of employees and others with internal access to sensitive data. If your email is not protected, unauthorized access, whether you're aware of it or not, is inevitable.

Most service providers offer little or no security or protection. Most of those that claim to protect you provide only a veneer ... a basic level of security and privacy that falls far short of the needs of a modern organization.

However, the security of your communications is at the very heart of LuxSci's founding principles, and has been a focus since our inception. Whether you are communicating with your internal users or with friends and associates at the other end of the Internet, LuxSci can keep your communications safe. We enable you to secure your exchanges and guarantee that they get to where they need to without being privy to prying eyes. And with our Premium Email Filtering services, you can keep the unwanted denizens of the Internet realm out of sight and out of mind.

Why is Security Essential?

Infrastructure Security

LuxSci's shared email services and premium dedicated servers reside in very high performance, high security, SAS70 Type II certified data centers &mdash see LuxSci's State-of-the-Art Data Center. Additionally, LuxSci's DNS services are resilient to denial of service attacks — see DNS at LuxSci -- Not your "Daddy's" DNS!.

Privacy and Non-disclosure Policies

In addition to our access controls which allow you to specify who can see your information, LuxSci has a very strict privacy and non-disclosure policies - our technical support staff will never access your email or WebAides without your prior consent.

Starts under $10/mo
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"I am extremely satisfied with your security features and with the extent of knowledge of your support staff. You provide a solid, reliable service and also manage to continue to add more thoughtful features -- all at a reasonable price."

—Kevin Rasmussen, Co-owner, Keo Scientific Ltd.,

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