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Types of MobileSync Service

  • Basic vs. Premium: All features that come with the Basic and Premium Mobile Sync services are shown below.
  • WebAides: Adding "WebAides" to Mobile Sync adds more collaboration features. For a comparison of what is included with and without a WebAide license, see: WebAide Features.
  • Basic Email: Without Premium Mobile Sync, you can still effectively synchronize email (both sending and receiving) using standard IMAP and SMTP services. We include this in the comparison chart as "Basic Email".

General Features

Feature Basic Email Basic Mobile Sync + Basic Email Premium Mobile Sync

Check email

Send outbound email

Address book synchronization

Calendar synchronization

Task synchronization

Notes synchronization

Requires a mobile device that supports Notes synchronization. Currently, this includes only iOS7+ and Blackberry 10+.

Push email updates

Mobile Device Support

Feature Basic Email Basic Mobile Sync + Basic Email Premium Mobile Sync

Any Device with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support

Outlook v2013 for Windows

Outlook v2013 support for email over ActiveSync is very poor. Better to use IMAP in this scenario. If you have Premium or Basic MobileSync, you contacts, calendars, and tasks will sync just fine. Outlook v2013 does not support Notes sync.

'Apple iOS: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

BlackBerry old versions (with the purchase of a separate App)

BlackBerry v10+ (natively)


Windows Mobile

Palm Pre/Pixi




Feature Basic Email Basic Mobile Sync + Basic Email Premium Mobile Sync

HIPAA Compliance

SSL/TLS for Email Transport?

Remote Wipe

BlackBerry HIPAA-Secure Outbound Email?

Other Devices HIPAA-Secure Outbound Email?

SSL/TLS for Calendar/Contact/Task Data Transport?

Speed and Synchronization

Feature Basic Email Basic Mobile Sync + Basic Email Premium Mobile Sync

Synchronize unlimited devices?
Shared account usage OK as long as the sharees are themselves licensed users.

Synchronize multiple accounts to the same device (if supported by the device)

Real-time push updates for calendars, task lists, and address books

Real-time, two-way synchronization of calendars, task lists, and address books?

Synchronization of any number of calendars, task lists, and address books?

Multi-user access to shared calendars, task lists, and address books?

Real-time email notifications and good battery life (i.e. push email)

Check email without using IMAP or POP on your mobile device?

New email to phone within 1 minute of arrival

Access to all email folders?

Can poll for new email or check manually if Push is not desired.

Send email without using SMTP on your mobile device?

Customizable From Name/Address for sent email?

From Name/Address for sent email can dynamically match the To address?

Sending messages is subject to your account's normal daily and monthly limits on messages, recipients, and bandwidth usage.

Sent messages will be processed by all of your configured LuxSci outbound email processing settings such as Content Monitoring, SecureLine Encryption, Recipient and Size Restrictions, Anonymization, etc.


Feature included with Mobile Sync

IMAP/SMTP: Feature requires use of an SMTP or IMAP connection that is not configured through Mobile Sync, but which is available from LuxSci. Use of IMAP and IMAP IDLE to get fast email updates is not supported on all mobile devices; when it is, it can be a significant drain on battery life (unlike Premium Mobile Sync).

Maybe. Depends on the exact features present in your mobile device's email program.

Feature not available.

Starts under $14/mo
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