New Feature: High Volume Outbound Email Service

March 9th, 2009

High Volume EmailWe have seen a steadily growing demand from existing and potential clients to send legitimate bulk mailings to their clients and subscribers.  LuxSci’s policy has always been to deny such requests and pass them along to a strategic partner, or to allow them on a case by case basis at a premium cost after carefully reviewing the intent.  Why? So that the outbound email servers used by our premium customers do not get on blacklists.  You don’t want to mix mass mailing with normal business correspondence!

To meet this demand, LuxSci now offers the High Volume Outbound Email Service.

About the High Volume Outbound Email Service

Our new service offers organizations the means to send legitimate bulk mailings to their established customer or subscriber base. It is also ideal for those who need a “smart host” for their in-house email system or web site, or require a simple authenticated SMTP service. High Volume Email is hosted on servers dedicated to sending email in bulk. These servers are separated logically and physically from our Premium Email servers, so that any blacklisting or grey listing that may result due to the nature of this service will not affect our Premium Email accounts that send individual, business, or low volume email.

The High Volume service is an “SMTP-Only” service where you can send messages from your own email addresses and domains.  All you do is sign up, get your username and password to use for your Email program, register your “From” address(es), and start sending.

What Services Does High Volume Email Include?

High Volume email includes most of the features inherent in LuxSci’s normal premium SMTP services:

  • Authentication: SMTP Services authenticated with a username and password
  • Security: Use of insecure SMTP, SMTP over TLS, and SMTP over SSL.
  • Ports: Alternate ports for SMTP access, including use of port 80.
  • Anonyimization: Anonymous SMTP to hide the IP address of the originating servers (i.e. if they are located in ISPs which are blacklisted)
  • Large Messages: Up to 100MB in encoded size
  • Many Recipients: Up to 1000 recipients per message
  • From Addresses: Sending from multiple, authorized, From addresses
  • Dedicated Servers: Available for extremely high volume delivery to isolate your sending from everyone else.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing starts at $5.00/month and is a function of:

  1. How much email you need to send in a day
  2. How much email you need to send in a month
  3. How many separate logins you need for sending

Pricing details are in the High Volume feature description, and in our High Volume pricing/ordering tool.

Special Offers

  • Existing LuxSci clients (3+ months) are eligible for 20% off
  • Non-profits are eligible for 20% off
  • Yearly accounts receive 2 months of free service

What’s the Catch?

LuxSci’s High Volume Outbound Email service has a zero tolerance policy with regards to the sending of Spam and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). The High Volume Acceptable Use Policy is very explicit in what you can and cannot do with the High Volume service.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A user can only send using approved “From” addresses. These must be valid email addresses, approved by LuxSci Support. Sending “From” any address in a domain also requires pre-approval.
  • Your “From” address cannot be that of a public free email system. I.e. no sending bulk messages from “AOL”, “Gmail”, “Hotmail”, “Yahoo!”, etc. In general, you should send from a valid address in a domain that you own.
  • Each user can have up to 5 approved “From” addresses or domains.
  • Headers are added to each message sent so that it can be traced back to the sender should there be any complaints. Headers also include information to notify recipients to contact LuxSci to report abuse.
  • LuxSci Support reserves the right to inspect any message sent through the High Volume messaging service to ensure that every message meets our terms of service.
  • All messages sent in bulk must indicate in the body of the email why the recipient is getting the message and provide a viable means by which the recipient can opt out of future mailings.
  • The sender must promptly comply with any and all opt-out requests.
  • Spam, Unsolicited Commercial Email, sent to purchased email lists, or bulk mailing to anyone not explicitly expecting your messages is not allowed.
  • Our terms of service are strict; abuse will not be tolerated. Service will be suspended if any complaints are received and until the issue can be resolved.

Can I Add it to My Existing LuxSci Account?

High Volume Email is a separate LuxSci service; you cannot add it to your existing LuxSci account. However, it is easy to sign up for a separate High Volume account. Once you do, you can link it to your existing LuxSci account so that you can manage them both with a single login and pay for them both through a single account.

How do I Get Started?

Use our High Volume Ordering Tool.