Custom Email Header Tracking and Reporting

August 15th, 2019

Does your outbound email sending system incorporate custom email headers in each message … headers that track potentially important per-message information such as:

  • Email Campaign ID
  • Customer Segment ID
  • Unique message ID
  • Auto-responder code
  • etc.?

Many systems include such information; however, the email headers that these and other types of tracking information are recorded in are named different things by different programs and even by different users of the same program.

Enter: LuxSci’s Custom Email Header Tracking & Reporting

When sending outbound email through LuxSci, you can identify up to 3 custom-named email headers.  LuxSci’s systems will detect these headers, extract their values, and store this information along with all of the other email message tracking information (e.g., subject, sender, recipients, date, etc.), delivery status, and open/click tracking information our databases.

With the information from your custom headers captured, LuxSci allows you to query this information when selecting ranges of messages in reports (though the user interface or the API) such as:

  • Email messages sent
  • Email message delivery status
  • Email message opens
  • Email message clink licks
  • Overall sending statistics

Additionally, when you export any of these reports from the user interface or the API, you also get the captured contents of your custom headers so you can use that information in any way that your business requires.

Ideal use cases for custom email header tracking and reporting include:

  • Using the LuxSci API to download message delivery information and using captured identifiers from these headers to uniquely match back to your own database of sent messages and update delivery status on your side.
  • Use the LuxSci interface to query information delivery, open, and click information related to a specific email sending campaign, customer segment, or other captured feature.
  • Easily compare open, click, bounce, and other statistics between different campaigns or groups of messages.

Enabling Custom Email Header Tracking

This feature is available to all LuxSci customers with outbound SMTP emailing services.  To enable it:

  1. Login to your account as an account administrator.
  2. Navigate to “Account Administration > Account Settings > Email”
  3. Enter one to three custom headers to track in the “SMTP Header Tracking” area .
  4. Enter a “User-Friendly Name” if the header name is complicated or obscure and you would like the user interface to present a simpler name for this tracked content in the reporting tools.
  5. Save Changes.