Email Annotation in WebMail

June 16th, 2007

An annotation is extra information (a note) associated with a particular email message. LuxSci’s WebMail enables you to add notes to any email message such that those notes are visible the next time you or anyone else looks at that message in WebMail, IMAP, or POP. This is especially useful when you are sharing your folder with others or want to keep track of the progress actions associated with particular email messages.

Annotation is implemented by removing the original message from your email folder and adding a new message that is identical to the original except for the addition of your notes. These notes are thus visible in any email client and all message details, including dates and message tags are preserved after annotation.

Email annotation in WebMail is a standard feature available to all LuxSci email users./


What can you do with Email Annotation?

  • Add notes to any email message in any folder to which you have write access.
  • Annotate a message any number of times.
  • Tell quickly if messages have been annotated or not via a configurable icon column in your WebMail message list.
  • Make annotations easily using a configurable tool bar command.
  • Annotate multiple messages at once with the same note.
  • Search for messages that have or have not been annotated, or search for text that may be in the annotations of your messages.
  • Use either plain text or HTML for your notes.
  • View the date and time any annotation was made, along with who made it, without having to manually save anything.
  • Keep track of the order of your notes. Annotations are pre-pended to your messages by default — so you see all of the annotations first, starting with the most recent, followed by the message itself. You can optionally have the annotations appear at the end.
  • Check notes for spelling errors