Email Message Tagging and Color Coding in WebMail

June 16th, 2007

Email tagging enables you to color code and label your email messages with multiple keywords. This process helps you to both sort your messages into categories and to visually identify particular types of messages by color. This new and more visual system simplifies management of your email, especially if you are sharing your folder with others via IMAP or WebMail.

Email tags are implemented as "IMAP Keywords" and are thus compatible with any IMAP email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, that also supports them.

Email tagging in WebMail is a standard feature available to all LuxSci email users.

What can you do with Email Tags?

Users can:

  • Define any number of tags and associated colors.
  • Easily add and remove tags from one or multiple email messages.
  • Color code messages based on the tags with predetermined colors.
  • View all the tags associated with each message in their message list and message display.
  • Filter their email by tag and use tags as search criteria.
  • Define tags that display arbitrary text–including Unicode content.
  • Define special tags that display custom text different than the actual tag embedded in their email messages.

Administrators can:

  • Define global tags and colors to be made available to all users or users in specific domains.