Enterprise-Grade High Volume Secure Email Sending API

February 4th, 2020

LuxSci has released an enhancement to its REST API targeted at fast, reliable, large-scale email sending. While LuxSci’s API has had features for secure email sending for many years, the new API call is specifically designed with the needs of enterprise email sending in mind.

The new “Send Email” High Volume API call enables:

  1. Pipelining: Send up to 1,000 email messages per request
  2. Send to up to 1,000 email recipients per request
  3. Works for sending HIPAA-compliant secure email or regular email
  4. Load Balancing: Distributes your outbound email messages across your multiple dedicated outbound email servers.
  5. Fail Over: If you have multiple outbound email servers and one is down for some reason, the API will automatically re-try sending through other servers.
  6. Queuing: If you are depositing email into the API faster than your email servers can send, or if your email servers are down for some reason (e.g., maintenance), the messages will be accepted, queued, and delivered automatically as soon as possible.
  7. Tracking: Email delivery, bounce, click, feedback loop, and open tracking works just like it does for messages sent via SMTP.
  8. Encryption and all other email sending features currently supported by direct SMTP sending (e.g., tag lines, encryption “Opt-Out”, etc.) are supported by the API.
  9. SMTP Limits. Your overall API-based email sending is limited only by the number of recipients or messages to whom you are normally allowed to send via SMTP.

What about SMTP?

Email sending via SMTP (even over alternate ports) is also a viable option at LuxSci. Sending via SMTP is very fast, reliable, and efficient. However, the new API request has some distinct advantages over the direct use of SMTP:

  1. Load balancing and failover support for multiple dedicated email sending servers without the need for a load balancer.
  2. If you have many outbound email servers, you can customize which servers are used as a cluster for which messages are “on the fly.”
  3. Email queuing support: your emails can be accepted and queued for delivery even if your email server is unavailable.
  4. Better pipelining. If you are sending the same attachment in many messages, you only have to upload that attachment once per API request. I.e., if you were sending 1000 messages with a 1 MB attachment, that API request would be just over 1 MB in size.  Via direct SMTP, you would need to upload 1000 MB (1 GB) of data — and that would take 1000x longer.
  5. Future features. In the coming months, LuxSci plans to integrate additional outbound emailing features into its large-scale email sending API. Not all of these will be available via direct SMTP sending.

For customers with large-scale sending needs, the need for making large numbers of API requests or very frequent API requests, and for those with a requirement for the physical segmentation of their environment and services from other customers, LuxSci provides dedicated API servers (one, or several failover load-balanced ones). Ask your LuxSci technical sales representative for more information.