Graymail “Spam”: What it is and how to get rid of it!

November 13th, 2012

“GrayMail” sounds like either some shriveled up husk of an email message, or the undead ghost of messages coming back to haunt me.  Both concepts are not far off the mark.

Spam is easy to define – mail that you do not want and have never asked to receive.

GrayMail is legitimate bulk mail that was requested by you in the past (even if you don’t remember doing so), but  which you no longer want. Graymail is generally not considered spam, yet
it represents a significant nuisance and often the unsubscribe options provided fail to work (or you may not want to use “unsubscribe” as you are afraid of inviting more unwanted email).

What can be done about Graymail?

LuxSci’s Premium Email Filtering solution includes an option to deal with many types of Graymail:

  • Legitimate bulk email that you once wanted, but no longer want and which is now annoying
  • Emails from companies that you have done business with online in the past (e.g. maybe you bought something from them and now they are sending you newsletters)
  • Emails that you get after being forced to opt-in to a mailing list in order to do something else, like register to win something or obtain some online service
  • Emails from bulk mailing feeds that you were automatically added to when opting into other mailing lists

When enabled, LuxSci’s Premium Email Filtering Graymail option:

  • Aggressively filters Graymail and classifies it as “Spam”
  • Allows you to bypass Graymail filtering for messages that you actually do want to receive by adding the sender addresses to your user or domain-level allow lists
  • Let’s you block, quarantine, or merely tag and deliver Graymail
  • Will provide you a significant decrease in unwanted email; however, you may want to pay attention to your Spam Quarantine area for awhile so you can white list message types that you actually do want.

Graymail filtering can be enabled in the Spam filtering configuration area of your Premium Email Filtering console.  Please contact LuxSci Support if you would like assistance enabling this feature.