Lux Scientiae, Incorporated Releases WebMail v8

June 19th, 2007

"New standard in e-mail collaboration boosts efficiency"

BOSTON, June 19, 2007 — Small and medium businesses now have powerful e-mail collaboration capabilities rivaling those of their larger counterparts, thanks to the new WebMail v8 from Lux Scientiae, Incorporated (LuxSci,

"WebMail v8 combines the convenience of the Web with the benefits of a versatile collaboration capability, allowing small and medium businesses to compete more efficiently in today’s demanding business environment," stated LuxSci president Erik Kangas. "It is a new standard in e-mail collaboration, providing a powerful framework for LuxSci clients to consistently and naturally work together at managing information in both their personal and shared e-mail spaces."

Launched on June 16, 2007, the new WebMail features shared folders, message annotation and message tagging and coloring, along with completely revamped AJAX-based Web 2.0-WebMail message interface, account administration and member help sections.

For users, that means a single interface allows access to personal e-mail and read-only or read-write access to shared e-mail, with the ability to drag and drop messages between shared folders. Administrators can automatically subscribe users to shared folders.

Users can add text or HTML annotations to any e-mail message–even those in shared folders–and each note includes the date and time it was created, along with its author’s name. An unlimited amount of notes can be added, but they cannot be deleted or modified, ensuring valuable input is not inadvertently lost. Notes are visible through WebMail, IMAP or POP accounts to anyone with access to the annotated message’s email folder.

Message tagging and coloring enables users to categorize, prioritize or direct e-mail messages by color coding and keywords, either alone or in combination to create group reviews, tasks or other designated actions. Each user can define any number of tags and associated colors; administrators can define global tags and colors and make them available to all users or to users in specific domains. Messages can then be filtered and searched by tag.

"LuxSci has worked hard to pack WebMail v8 with the features and tools that teams need to stay connected, whether team members work in adjoining offices or halfway around the world," said Kangas. "We are very pleased to offer small and medium businesses a really superior e-mail collaboration capability."

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