LuxSci Acquires Email Outsourcing Service from EMUMail

August 30th, 2003

Professional Email Services Company Takes Over EMUmail’s Outsourcing Business

Boston, Massachusetts – August 30, 2003 – Lux Scientiae, Incorporated announced that it has acquired the email outsourcing services formerly provided by EMUmail. This acquisition provides Lux Scientiae with EMUmail’s entire outsourcing client base as well as certain advertising arrangements.

"The acquisition of EMUmail’s significant user base and advertising space will enable Lux Scientiae to continue to grow and support our ever widening clientele as well as fund upgrades and new services in the areas of secure email, robustness, and usability." said Erik Kangas, Lux Scientiae’s President.

"We’re pleased to have Lux Scientiae take over our outsourcing clients, and to continue providing them with service and support of the highest quality. This divestiture will allow EMUmail to focus on, our market leading outgoing mail service, as well as on our premier WebMail software solutions for the higher education market." said Semyon Dukach, EMUmail’s CEO.

Lux Scientiae has been providing professional-grade email outsourcing services for many years and supplies its customers with its own custom secure WebMail interface and service offerings. Lux Scientiae’s robust architecture and responsive support will provide EMUmail’s former outsourcing clients with a higher quality of service.

Since 1997, EMUmail’s WebMail software has been in use at thousands of organizations in dozens of languages, including some of the largest universities in the world. In addition, EMUmail’s market leading outgoing mail service has helped thousands of people send email from laptops, pda phones, and other devices that require open access to an outgoing SMTP server.

About Lux Scientiae, Incorporated:

Lux Scientiae has been providing email, web, and consulting services since 1999. They are a Boston-based corporation specializing in business-class secure email hosting, anti-Spam and anti-Virus services, and responsive technical support. More information on these and other services can be found on the LuxSci web site at

About EMUmail:

EMUmail is the leading provider of WebMail software to the higher education market. EMUmail’s universally reliable service has enabled thousands of users to send email from pda phones, cameras, laptops, and other devices that require an open and accessible outbound email (SMTP) server. More information on these and other services can be found on the EMUmail web site at