LuxSci Adds SMTPS Support Especially for Outlook Users

May 28th, 2004

LuxSci has for a long time supported authenticated secure SMTP via STARTTLS on port 25 and many alternate ports. However, because many ISPs block the standard outgoing email port of 25 and because Outlook and Outlook Express do not support secure SMTP via STARTTLS on ports other than port 25 (for some strange reason), Outlook users have sometimes had difficulty connecting to our servers securely to send email.

Now, LuxSci also supports authenticated SMTPS (SMTP directly over SSL on port 465) which is supported by Outlook, Outlook Express, and some other email clients. This feature allows users these programs to use send email securely on a port other than port 25, making it even easier to have comprehensive secure connections to our email servers from anywhere.

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